Vegetarian Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs)

I’ve seen lots of recipes for  Baked Eggs, and they look delish but I often don’t want meat in my main meal, or at all. Traditionally Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs) is made with lamb mince. Instead, I’ve used a meat free mince alternative for this Vegetarian Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs).


450-500g Meat-free mince
Onion, chopped
Garlic, minced or chopped
Ground Cumin
Ground Coriander
Salt Pepper
Grated Cheese
Handful Spinach
Red Pepper, diced
400g Tinned Tomatoes
Crushed Chillies
Mixed Beans (I use the Mexican style ones)
Paprika (I used smoked for the depth of flavour)
4-6 Eggs, typically I aim for an egg per person
Spring Onion, sliced

Vegetarian Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs)

In a large pan brown your onions in a little oil, wait until they are a little see-through and soft. Add in your meat-free mince, beans, garlic, herbs and spices, the tinned tomatoes and red pepper. Simmer for about 30-40 minutes on a low heat. Taste, and add more herbs and spices if you need too. I always find I lack on salt so give an extra grind.

Vegetarian Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs)

Vegetarian Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs)

When you are ready, place your meat-free mince mix into an oven safe dish and stir in your handful of spinach. I had enough for two dishes, that said they aren’t huge dishes, but you have to make room for your eggs so remember than when picking the oven dish you’re going to use.

With the back of a ladle, gently make some indents to crack your eggs into. That way they cook in little rounds spaces and are easy to scoop out.

Bake in the oven at gas mark 7, 220 degrees for about 20 minutes. You might like to cover with tin foil, they do cook slightly quicker.

When your eggs are white, like either of the pictures above, remove the dish from the oven. Sprinkle over your sliced spring onions, maybe add some extra chilli and a grate of your favourite cheese.

Vegetarian Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs)

Vegetarian Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs) can be served with salad, rice, pasta or enjoyed all by itself.


Here is my Vegetarian Kiymali yumurta (Turkish baked eggs) topped with extra black pepper and a salad – yum!



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