Various Types of Beef

Meat is generally divided into three main categories: red meat (beef and lamb), poultry (chicken and turkey) and sea food respectively.

Each of the above varies in terms of taste and nutritional value. For instance, eating beef improves your heart health, reduces the chances of diabetes and aids weight loss.

Types of Beef

Dealing with beef is slightly more complex than the other two food groups. This is because the anatomy of a cow is much different than that of a chicken or fish.

As you can see from the diagram above, a cow’s body is divided into several parts, most of which can be cooked and eaten.

For example, steak is served at multiple restaurants. It is a slice of meat cut from the muscle fibers of the animal.  If you go through the menu of any steakhouse, restaurants which specialize in steaks, you are likely to find a variety of steaks.


Beef tenderloin, which is known as an eye fillet in Australia, is cut from a loin of beef. This can be found in the back of a cow. As the name suggests, it is one a tender and delicious cut of beef.

Similarly, the sirloin is located at the cow’s back but just past its short loin.

Furthermore, several kinds of steaks can be cooked using the loin, such as the T-bone steak, filet mignon and the tri-tip steak.

The ideal way of cooking a loin is on a grill but they can be broiled and pan fried also.


Another popular type, rib includes some of the finest and juiciest cuts of the cow. It is preferred for its aroma and flavor.

Examples of the best cuts include the rib eye, a beloved choice among consumers. Other portions are prime rib and short rib as well. Ribs take longer to cook since they require dry heating.


Briskets are cut from the lower breast region of a cow’s body.

It is flatter and tougher to cook since it has more connective tissue than other cuts. There are two basic cuts of meat: flat cut or point cut.

Traditional beef brisket recipes include barbecue brisket, which is the preferred choice. Smoking or braising a portion of brisket is the best way to cook.


The flank is the region between the ribs and the hips of a cow. A standard flank cut will contain the mammal’s abdominal muscles, which is why they are possibly the hardest lump of beef to cut through.

They are usually made into flap or flank steaks. Due to the rigid nature of flanks, they are best cooked when braised properly.


The plate region can be found between the brisket and flank region, precisely the front belly of the cow.

Each type of cut has its unique properties. Some can be juicy, others can be tough. Plates consist of the cow’s cartilage, a firm tissue which can be fatty and resolute.

Much like flanks, plates must also be braised because they are so tough.



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  1. The first is marbling – the more marbling there is, the more tender your steak will be. You can also think about where on the cow the cut comes from. Cuts from the front and back end, like chuck, shank, and round are taken from muscles that do a lot of work, so they tend to be tougher and benefit from slow cooking times and a moist environment (think slow cooker red wine beef) while cuts from the middle of the cow like the loin and flank don’t get as much exercise so they’re tender.

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