Urban Decay Lips & Eyes.

I went along to a ‘How to make you makeup last longer’ masterclass at Urban Decay, Selfridges in Birmingham. While I was there we got a chance to look at and test some of the fabulous new products. Being me, I went straight to Feel Unique to check prices at my own leisure rather than feel rushed at the counter.

On to my faves!
Straight away for me the purples stood out. They are rich, creamy and super pigmented.



urbandecay eyeshadow

I was torn between these two colours. I am a huge fan of purple, however if it has a red undertone I can look a little more flushed and ruddy cheeked than normal. I thought the rest of the collection was fabulous but these two completely stood out to me. Tonic having that gorgeous slight shimmer, blue tones in the photo and once on is buildable and starts reasonably sheer. The colour pay off on Backfire is huge! If you have time you should head to a counter and look at the Summer 2015 collection asap. There is literally a colour to suit everyone and they are really fun.

The lip… I don’t know where to start. They are super bold, and when they say ‘High Color’ they mean it. The orange gloss is called Drunk and is a bold, intense and high shine orange with exactly the right amount of brightness. Bittersweet is a colour that everyone would love to wear but very few will have the attitude it takes. This purple is completely powerful and looks incredible. Another colour that caught my eye is Liar. This lip colour is already on my Urban Decay wish list and was a completely obvious choice to go on my Urban Decay Summer 2015 list.

But my absolute, ultimate must-have product is Apocalypse. It is a dark plumy purple colour. The super slick packaging, easy dofa application and great and true colour pay off is worth a spend of £15. So if you like an easy to manage dark lip this is for you –



While the addition of single blush is a big deal to long-term Urban Decay fans, for me, I am a lip colour lover and an eyeshadow magpie.

Oh and if you are wondering if I purchased anything while there…

SolsticeMoondust : Solstice. 

Although it looks red here, it changed between a light blue, purple, silver and red. It also adapts to the colour of your eye lids. It’s like that glitter you wore all the time in year ten – but grown up.

*prices correct at type of writing.


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