Turning Photography into a Career

Turning Photography into a Career

Making money from something you love doing might seem like an impossible dream, or at least, an improbable one. Perhaps it is easier to work during the week and keep your interests for side projects and something to do at the weekend, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you could do what you love, and get paid real cash for doing it? I’m not saying it’s the easiest way to become a millionaire, but the reality may not be as bleak as you first imagine! Here are some potential ways to earn money from my own passion- photography!

Rent Gear:

To have a successful photography business, you will of course have to invest some money into getting the right equipment. If you’re just getting started and don’t really know what the best gear is, rent it! By renting you’ll be able to figure out what works best for you, and understand what you need exactly; without having to go crazy buying extra gadgets you might not need. However, this can work the other way around too! You can be the one to personally rent out your gear, make connections with other photographers, and get extra pocket money from it too.

Local Paper:

A great way to turn your photography passion into a career is finding the right space to share your photos in. Chances are your local paper is looking for photographers to go out and take pictures of various news events that they will feature. Not only will you get to go to events and press conferences, but you’re also going and getting to do what you love!

Wedding Photographer:

What’s a better way to get your career started than going to parties to take photos? Weddings are always fun and magical, and when you get to be the one that captures those moments, it’s priceless. Wedding photographers are usually self-employed, and because weddings are all year round, you will always have a possible wedding to shoot. Plus, people get all dressed up for weddings, so they’ll probably be asking you to take pictures non-stop; I recommend you bring an extra memory card!

Create a Portfolio:

As you make your way into the field, having a portfolio with your best work in it is a great way to show what possible employers what you’re capable of. The portfolio practically being a photographer’s business card, having one that shows different types of photos that you’ve taken will show all the potential you have, making it harder for the employers to say no.

Find a Mentor:

Working in a photography studio is a wonderful experience, and if that’s what your main goal is, a smart way of networking is finding a mentor that will teach you all of the job’s best skills and secrets. Not only will you learn from a veteran of the field, but in the studio, you will most likely learn how to use the various programs as well.

Of course, all the jobs I have mentioned here rely on the fact that you can not only use a camera, but you can use it well, you are passionate about photography and you have the skills and knowledge required. It’s not enough to buy a camera and hope for the best, it would be like me buying a paintbrush and assuming I can become a great artist. However, if you do have these skills then the best way to find potential job opportunities is right here, on the good old Internet! Simply use a job site and if you are based in the West Midlands you can find an up-to-date list of jobs in Birmingham, or other neighbouring cities and towns, on the click of a button. Good luck, and don’t give up on that dream!

written in collaboration with Emily J


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