Turn Your Garden Into An Outdoor Living Area

A garden isn’t just a place for growing plants – it can also be a place for relaxing and socialising. Here’s how you can turn your garden into an inviting outdoor living space.

Build a designated social area

Rather than using your lawn as a social area, why not build a patio or decking area? This could prevent you having to mow around garden furniture whilst also helping to designate a select space for socialising. Most people position this space near the back of their house, although you could choose the end of your garden if this is the area that receives the most sunlight.


Choose the right furniture

There are all types of garden furniture out there to choose from. Outdoor dining sets could be ideal for eating al fresco, whilst outdoor lounge suites may be more suited to general relaxation. The material you choose matters – cast iron will stay put in a storm and is very durable, but it could rust in the rain. Synthetic fibre furniture is generally more weatherproof but is lighter and more likely to be picked up by strong winds. Think about the style and material best suited to your garden.


Stay dry with a canopy

If you’re worried about a sudden outburst of rain ruining your outdoor experience, why not consider adding some kind of canopy that can provide shelter from the elements? This could include a gazebo or a marquee. On top of providing shelter from the rain, this canopy could provide shade in the sun. Certain fabrics may be suited solely to providing shade and not blocking out the rain, so make sure you look into this when buying some form of a canopy.


Keep it lit in the evening

It could be worth also adding some lighting outdoors so that you can stay outdoors even when it starts to get dark. There are all kinds of lighting solutions to try out. For a rustic touch, you could use candles in lanterns or Edison bulbs. For a magical touch, you could consider using fairy lights or ambient lighting. This lighting could run off the main, it could be battery operated or it could be solar powered (this latter option is the most economical).


Keep warm in the cool

You shouldn’t have to wait until the hot months to use your garden – an outdoor heating source could make it a cosy place to hang out all year round. Patio heaters run off electricity or gas and are effective at creating heat for when the temperature is lower. Meanwhile, you could use natural fire by considering a fire-pit. This is best placed in the centre of the patio for an inviting campfire feel. Chimeneas meanwhile offer a portable source of natural heat (you can also use the top of them as a barbecue grill!)



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