Tips To Transform Your Garden So That It’s A Safe Zone For Your Toddler

A garden is a perfect place for you to spend time with your kid. They can get some fresh air and stay active in the outdoors. However, you need to be so careful with little toddlers who are starting to walk as there are many potential dangers that they face in the garden. Here are some tips for parents to transform your garden so that it’s a safe zone for your toddler.


Add plenty of shade

When you are outside with your little one, you are going to be in the direct sunshine. As much as it’s nice to get some sun, you are putting your toddler at risk of getting burnt. Therefore, you need to add some shade so that your kid doesn’t spend all their time outdoors in the hot sun. You can get some great umbrellas which can go over your table and chairs so that they can be undercover. Also, you can buy many canopies that you can put over a kid’s area in the garden so that they can play while being protected from the sun. Also, remember to put sun lotion on your child before they venture outdoors!

Choose a solid gate

It’s so easy for you to look away for one moment and find that your kid has managed to get out of the garden via the gate. They could end up getting lost and are at risk on the main road. Therefore, you need to make sure you have a solid gate that will stay shut despite your little one’s best efforts. You need to make sure there is a lock at the top of the gate. That way, they won’t be able to unlock the gate and get out without your permission. As well as keeping your kids from getting out, a solid gate will ensure nobody can get in and harm your child!

Add some steps

It’s so important that you make sure your garden is safe for your toddlers to walk around. If it’s uneven levels in your garden, you need to make sure you get some steps so that your kid can walk around easily. You don’t want them running out there and getting hurt as it’s too steep for their little legs. It’s easy to get hold of some used sleepers which can be used to create steps for your garden. You can easily cut them down and make small steps for your kid to use.

Keep all tools away

You need to make sure that as soon as you have finished using a tool in the garden, it is put away in a shed or garage. Otherwise, they could easily be mistaken for play toys by youngsters. Then they could end up getting seriously hurt by accident. Therefore, find a high shelf in the shed where you can place the items. And make sure the shed door is shut when you are not around!

Remember that it’s important that you only choose child-friendly plants for your garden. You need to avoid prickly plants and nettles which could harm your youngster. Also, avoid growing berries which could be consumed by your kid and make them ill!




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