The Perfect Pout

We all have a couple of things about ourselves that we love. For me, I have always loved my wild hair and my slightly pouty lips. So when I am going out, they tend to be something I will spend a little time on. Before the makeup and the party comes the prep though.

Invest in a good scrub.

I have a couple of lip scrubs that I really love. Wilkos do a purse friendly £1 Apricot Kiss Lip Scrub, Lush has a gorgeous Honey lip scrub which is £5.95 – but ask for a sample pot to try first because honey isn’t everyone’s jam. Or, you could make your own with some granulated sugar and coconut oil. They’ll all do the same job, and leave you buffed and soft.

Brighten up your teeth.

I use a couple of things. To me, they are total staples. Beverly Hills Formula Charcoal Toothpaste, Laila London Activated Charcoal Tooth Whitening Powder & a complimentary mouthwash. But if you have a lot of discolouration, or just really love that American smile (I low-key love it) then it would be worth thinking about getting some veneers in London, head to Harley Street Smile Clinic for more information (and a brighter smile!).

Try a Berry Lip

Apparently, either M.A.C Red or a deeper berry-toned lipstick is the best for making your teeth look super white, while also suiting the most amount of skin tones. You might need to spend a few minutes matching a red to your undertone and personality though. Personally, I am partial to blues // greys, and darker tones – however, I have a selection of reds for when the mood takes me.


Be Golden

Before you start lining and defining the lips, take a light concealer and fill in around the border of your lips, if you have any lines you’re less likely to see your lippy bleeding just by taking care of that. Once you’re done, use lip liner, and you’ll find your lips will appear fuller, and you can manipulate the shape a little bit if you like. To pump them up even more? Highlight your cupid’s bow and add a blob of lip gloss in the centre of your bottom lip. 

If you don’t relish the thought of any of that, then take a gold eyeliner and lightly colour the very middle of your bottom lip line. This little bit of glimmer catches the light and gives your lips some more depth.





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