The Hub Of The Home?

The kitchen has long been described as the hub of the home. It’s easy to see why. It’s where most of us cook, host, and have some precious moments with our family members before another chaotic day ensues. This isn’t the case for everybody. In today’s world, you might find that the focal point in your home is the living room. Or it could even be the bathroom, where everyone can escape separately for some much-needed tranquility. Here’s how to give some TLC to those areas of your house which are most important…


In keeping with tradition, the kitchen is the heart of many homes. We find literally nourishment and fuel there, but we also socialize and gather in this room. When so many people lead busy lives and don’t have time to relax in the living room and catch up, the kitchen is often where you can have some snatched conversation. It might be where you teach your kids to cook or have date nights with your other half. Whatever you use it for, if it’s the hub of your home here’s how to improve it…

If you can it’s a great idea to keep your kitchen open plan. Remove the doors separating it from the living room so that you have one big space. This means whoever is in the kitchen can be connected with the rest of the house. Similarly, if your kitchen leads onto a garden, invest in some large patio doors. This will flood your kitchen with light and create a lovely connection to the outdoors whilst you spend time in this room. It’s also great for having people over because you can eat or have drinks outside, dipping back in for top ups.

If you’re spending a lot of time in your kitchen it makes sense to make it a nice environment to be in. Small changes can make all the difference. Put some fresh herbs in pots and get creative with a centerpiece for your table. Don’t be afraid to put some wall art or chalkboards on the walls either, this will make your kitchen feel even more personal.



The bathroom isn’t necessarily the hub of the home, but it can serve an equally important purpose. This is where family members can go to have some privacy if they need it. It acts as a sanctuary in the house, a place where we can be undisturbed and have time for ourselves- very important!
Even if you don’t have a lot of room in the bathroom you can make it special. There are bathroom suites to suit any bathroom out there. So if you only have room for a shower that’s fine. You just need to be creative with how you use your space. If you have the budget invest in some cabinets and vanities. These storage solutions can hide away and kids toys and essentials and create a calmer atmosphere. Similarly, stock up on some relaxing shower oils and gels for those stressful days. Having a light which can dim, or some candles in your bathroom is a good way to create a spa-like feel too.

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