The Duck – Beefeater, Birmingham [Review]

I haven’t ever been to a Beefeater (shock horror!) so when the opportunity came up to enjoy some tasty food with my family I accepted.

I had a look at the menu in advance, I like to know what is available and will usually plan my meal in advance.

Our table was booked for five but we arrived a little early, which meant we were able to take advantage of a very nice Kids Eat Free deal. These are great when you want to go out for something to eat on a weekend with the little ones. Ours can’t really eat too late without getting overtired half way through so these times are great for us.

Kids Eat Free

The kids menu is pretty good. There is something for all age groups. Mac and Cheese, Bangers and Mash, Burger and Chips and they have a selection of interchangeable sides. Mash, peas, chips, veg and so on. So your little ones can build a main meal to their taste. Kids meals also come in tiered pricing. So for example one course is £4.49, 2 is £5.49 and all three for £5.99.

Here are the starters:

FullSizeRender[1]Nachos and Dip for Lily, Garlic Bread for Pop (yes those are balloons!!)
FullSizeRender[3]Little Miss had veggie sticks with dip.

They really enjoyed them and they are pretty big portion sizes too. So they also got to share with one another.
FullSizeRender[4]I went for the chicken pate. Which was really very nice. The portion again was great. I like when things are served nicely, so on a wooden slab in little jars is right up my street.

I had a glass of wine and manfellow had a beer. It was after all 5…ish.

For the mains we all had something different so we could test a lot of stuff out.


Lily had the burger and chips, she really enjoyed it. The burger was a BIG portion so is probably better for older kids. It is also a steak burger so doesn’t have the normal burger type texture you might be expecting. Very tasty.


Little Miss Ivy had the chargrilled chicken and chips with peas and she really enjoyed it. The chicken was soft and juicy which made it perfect for her little hands and teeth to deal with. She ate almost all of it, the portion is great as you can see and the charred flavour isn’t strong so little pallets will enjoy it.

FullSizeRender[2]Poppy had good ol’ sausage and mash. The gravy was thick and tasty, the mash was extra creamy and it was already being eaten before we managed to take a picture of the portion! She finished her plate in double time and again, this one is perfect for bigger kids.

On to the grown up mains! I went for the Salmon and this is how it reads:

Oven baked wild Pacific salmon with a herb crust, served on a bed of kale and cherry tomatoes in garlic & parsley cream with dauphinoise potatoes


It was crispy and moist. I really loved the kale & potatoes. Some of the edges are very crunchy indeed! The potatoes are really creamy, and the cheery tomatoes add little sweet bites as you eat.

Manfellow had the 18oz Porterhouse Steak, which is new on the menu too. Here is how that reads:

A big, hefty steak, cut from the bone-in sirloin with marbling to bring out the best of rich, meaty flavours


The steak was huge! He ordered it rare and they did a pretty good job on it – which almost never happens. We both didn’t enjoy the peppercorn because it was more like gravy with pepper in, rather than the creamy peppercorn sauce we were expecting. The steak chips were AMAZING though and the home made coleslaw was really tasty.


Yes, yes they did. FullSizeRender[3]

Chocolate Challenge! So, so tasty. Marshmallows, chocolate sauce, brownie pieces and ice cream. You are supposed to have a go at creating your own pudding, instead it was devoured with gusto in it’s individual portions.


Good old fashioned jelly and ice cream. A big serving of strawberry jelly with cool ice cream on top. Always a winner and was dealt with swiftly!


Two warm cookies with a healthy helping of ice cream. This was eaten very quickly and enjoyed a lot.

Cookie in hand!

They really loved their puddings, they were a great size and finished off the meal perfectly. They talked about their food the whole way home!

Big people need pudding too…

Originally I opted for the Plum Tart Tatain but they didn’t have it so I went for…


Raspberry Cheese cake. It was all the things you want in a good cheesecake. Creamy, rich, a nice bite from the fruit and a crumbly crust. Yum.

Man fellow went crazy and ordered:


A HUGE Eton Mess sundae. He was very happy and demolished it all very quickly. I had a bite and it was creamy, fruity, and surprisingly light!

The service was great, our table was a good size and we saw a lot of other families coming and going too. The waiter interacted with the girls brilliantly and included them in their food choices. The end bill was around £63 and we rounded up to add in a tip. The food was good quality, the experience was lovely and relaxing. Will we be going again?


To book your meal head over to: Beefeater Grill check out the menu and find your local restaurant.

We received vouchers towards the cost of the meal in exchange for the review, all opinions remain our own. 


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