The day of tantrum

Look at that face, that fat little face. That fat, happy, smiling and innocent little face.

Tantrum day, unlike other days was hard. It was so so hard. I was bitten, slapped, ignored and ultimately gave up.

It started out a normal day, nice and easy. Happy Mojo. Then, I gave her pancakes for breakfast when Eldest had toast. 8am, Mojo decided to have the first trantrum. She wanted toast, not pancakes. She wanted them so badly, she threw her food off of the highchair, pull her foot up and decided to bite her own toe. Then went all ridged.

I offered up toast as a pacifier, it’s 8am I’m too tired for this shit.

10.18am Toast successfully rubbed into hair, eyes, nose, ears and clothes. Tantrum 2. Immediate bed. Not in five minutes, right now. Grabbed Mojo, went to climb the stairs. Got smack repeatedly in the eye socket. It hurt and she did it with force. Real baby force hurts more than getting smacked with a bat.

From the begining of nap time till the end of nap time, I’m working on the new business venture & helping Eldest with her number games. Eldest needs some socks and trousers after a spillage, her Bio-dad is about to pick her up. I have no choice, please forgive me. I have to go into Mojo’s lair of hate.

 Open the door, creep in, all is fine, grab socks and trousers, slowly turn around. ‘Uhhhmm   nughghhmm    mumumuMUMWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA’.
Fuck. Humph. Try to sooth angry feral child, no dice. Carry her down stairs.

She is standing up now, and does so just because she can. I take her hand to coax her to walk forward.

She growls, actually growls and bites my knuckle. It really hurts. ‘No Mojo’. What the fuck are you supposed to say to a ten month old who is just angry?

I leave her to it for a while to play, then decide I should feed her. Try to move her to the highchair, I get my hair pulled, then rigid baby syndrome.


Manage to wedge her rigid little body into the high chair. Return with food. She eats it. I think it is subsiding. She must be calm down.

NOT SO. After food time is complete, I think it was about 3pm.

3pm – Clean angry child, get bitten. Try to calm Mojo down, get bitten. Hold her fat, soft little hands, get bitten on 2 knuckles. With so much force her head shook and went red.

3.30pm Give up. She says ‘betttttt’ this means bed, so to bed we go.

I have never been so happy to put one of my children to sleep. It was a shock for me. Eldest was a happy, some might say a little dim but ultimately easy baby.

Mojo is a feral kid. Tonight at bath time, I’m going looking for a tail and the sign of the beast!



4 thoughts on “The day of tantrum

  1. blimey oh riley (sticking with the theme here ^^) what a day! No ‘silent sunday’ for you then 😉 Hoping the bite marks don’t scar 😉 x

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