The Benefits of Growing Your Own Veg

When we were younger, we’d often see greenhouses and crops in our grandparents gardens; our parents might have even grown the odd favourite. But then slowly, as supermarkets and convenience stores grew and moved out of big cities so that you were never more than 20 minutes from a large food shop, growing our own produce went out of fashion. It was easier to pop to the shop and buy what we needed.

But, the tide is again changing. People are looking for ways to save money, to save the planet and to stick to a vegan or healthy eating lifestyle and growing your own veg can play a huge role in all of this. Greenhouse Stores are selling more every year; our largest chain shops are stocking seeds and planters, and homegrown is once again becoming trendy. Here is a look at some of the benefits of growing your own vegetables.

You’ll Eat More

We all know that we’re meant to eat five portions of fruit and veg every day. This isn’t new advice. But it’s hard. Fruits pretty easy as you can snack on it, but fruits also filled with natural sugars, so it’s important to also get plenty of nutrient-rich vegetable sources. If you take the time to grow your own, your garden will always be filled with all of your favourites. They’ll also taste much better than the produce you buy from the supermarket, so you are much more likely to eat it.


You’ll Try New Things

Growing things for yourself is exciting. You get a great buzz from seeing (and tasting) the results of your hard work in the garden, and you’ll soon be keen to do more. You’ll seek out new flavours and try growing whatever you can get your hands on to try new recipes with.


It’s Great Exercise

Growing your own crops is one of those fantastic ways of getting more exercise without realising that you are doing it. You won’t have to spend hours sweating away in the gym to keep fit and healthy. You’ll be out there, digging, lifting and moving all year around. An hour of gardening can burn around 300 calories, and you’ll have more than a trim waist and muscles to show for it.


You’ll Get More Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a serious issue. Vitamin D helps your immune system; it helps your body to absorb calcium and keeps your bones strong and healthy, it protects you from diseases and can prevent a range of issues from breast cancer to depression. The best way of getting more vitamin D is spending time outdoors in natural sunlight. Something that we’re doing less and less now we’re all sat on computers most of the time. Growing your own vegetables gives you a reason to be outside soaking up vitamin D.


You’ll Save Money

Growing your own might be more expensive to start with as you get everything set up, but a lot of those expenses are a one-off. Over the years growing your own vegetables will save you a fortune and help you to reduce your waste.


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