The benefits of getting your clear braces in Clapham

The main benefit of getting your clear braces in Clapham is that they are basically invisible. Unlike metal braces, your clear braces will not stand out as much against your unique tooth colour.

Another benefit is that you can get your clear braces fitted at almost any age. Your dentist will speak to you about the health of your teeth, gums, and jaw before starting any medical process. If clear braces are not for you, then your local dentist will advise you differently.

Your clear braces will allow you to go on with your life without worry. As you socialise with friends over the weekend, manage a task at work, or simply spend time with family, you can rest easy knowing that your braces are gradually working on giving you your best smile yet.

Can I eat regular foods or drink beverages like wine with my clear braces?

The short answer to that question is; in moderation! As with your teeth, drinks like coffee or wine can stain the braces over time. Your clear braces could also be affected if you overindulge every day. As you would care for your teeth, care for your clear braces.

A bonus, however, is that you have a choice of getting removable or non-removable clear braces in Clapham. With this type of flexibility built into your dental treatment, it makes social, professional and home life that much easier. For example, if you are presenting to your colleagues at work and you want to remove your clear braces, take them out before the presentation and pop them back in after. You can do this too before drinking a steaming cappuccino. Simple!

How do clear braces work?

Falling under the realignment treatment plan, clear braces, like metal ones, are focussed on correcting any dental conditions you may have. This could include having gaps or misaligned teeth, or teeth that have slowly started to become crooked over the years.

If you choose to have fixed, or non-removable clear braces, these will be attached to your teeth and adjusted over time to bring your teeth into their correct position. If you decide to have the removable option, you will then be fitted for clear aligners.

Clear braces are a longer-term treatment plan. You can expect to wear your braces for over six months. Don’t look at this as a nuisance or a waste of time, but rather as an investment in your dental health, and your future. You will then have regular appointments with your dental team to make sure that everything is going well and to adjust your clear braces when needed. If there is any discomfort and pain when wearing your braces, your dentist will readjust them.

Are clear braces more expensive than metal braces?

As you now know, there are several brace treatment plans available. Prices of dental treatments vary from dentist to dentist. The kind of treatment you get will also vary. At some dental centres, cosmetic treatments or teeth whitening, for example, may not be covered on the NHS, while braces are.

Call a few places to query about the price of your clear braces and if there are any payment options available.


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