The Sweet Art of Doing Fuck All

So it turns out I have been accidentally doing some Hygge business for years, only I’ve just been referring to it as ‘I’m doing fuck all’ or ‘I’m being a lazy bastard today’.

What does this involve?

Well, for me it’s been very simple to fully embrace the heart of Hygge. It’s supposed to be doing whatever it is that makes you feel comfort, y’know, warm and fuzzy. Cosy. Being slow, having some blankets and stuff, being purposeful. It’s about feeding your spirit… or something like that. I’ve recently read it’s like turning your life into an art form. But, how have I been so good at Hygge without these informative books in the past? From an early age, I have loved doing fuck all, upside down, on the couch with blankets and coffee. Along with millions of others, who likely also called it ‘doing fuck all’ because we didn’t have the Hygge word, which makes it much more acceptable as an addition to your life.

How does one achieve optimal Hyggeness?

If you browse the Hygge tag on Instagram, you will find 1.7+million photos of people sharing what Hygge is to them. So here is what you need to achieve optimal ‘doing fuck all’ levels:

  • Work you are ignoring, likely a deadline due yesterday
  • A cat or a dog that is equally as Hygge as you – and fluffy
  • A green plant, in a white pot preferably
  • Some blankets, wooly ones, in grey or a light pink
  • Some thick socks and a baggy jumper
  • A book or item with Hygge written on it
  • A hot drink, preferably with steam wisping its way from the top of the cup
  • An Instagram account, to show everyone just how good you are at doing some Hygge

I myself have posted some photos of myself doing some fuck all –

A photo posted by Zara (@mojoblogs) on

A photo posted by Zara (@mojoblogs) on

A photo posted by Zara (@mojoblogs) on

I am very good at the ‘doing fuck all’. As you can see I am very highly Hygge.

How does one achieve my levels of ‘Fuck Allness’?

  • Lay on bed or sit on couch
  • Purposefully don’t move your arse other than to make more coffee
  • If people ask what you’re up to, reply with ‘Fuck All, you?’

Congratulations, and welcome to ‘The Sweet Art of Doing Fuck All’ (or Hyggeness for the masses).

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