Sunshine After The Rain (Or – A Post After The Comments)

I spent a large part of yesterday reading comments from people who don’t know me or my husband, talking about the original blog post and the circumstances I had written about.

That is a good thing, even the ones that perhaps were not the kindest in either of our favours were good to read, getting differing opinions on a topic is healthy, but one comment stood out to me. It talked about how relationships are complex things. I wanted to reply to the comments that were left, I wanted to explain that I actually do take responsibility for my part to play, I don’t feel like I am the innocent party. In the same breath I don’t think it should have escalated that far at all and it was never my intention to get to that point either.

Someone called me a fanny, that much is true, I am a bit of a fanny.

It was really good to read how people interpreted the incident outside of my head. I saw a comment that mentioned it being very dramatised, and I think because it felt pretty dramatic, that is how I ended up writing it.

The reason I wrote the post was because I needed to process my own thoughts and feelings, following on from that I wondered if there was anyone out there who had been through something similar in their relationship and pieced things back together and carried on.

The comments, of all types, prompted a healthy conversation between me and my husband, we talked about other people’s opinions, we talked about why it got to that point, we talked about things like therapy, I asked him, if he would write something for my blog, because I realise that although this is my blog, his side of the story isn’t here.

He said yes.

I look forward to sharing that with you later on today, and I hope that by sharing two sides of a moment, we can open more lines of communication between other people out there, and for ourselves too. Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes things get a little fucked up, I’m just sharing a different piece of my life with you right now that doesn’t involve day trips and cupcakes – and I hope that’s alright.


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