Summer Garden Greatness

With summer coming everyone will start rushing around trying to get their gardens and homes ready for parties, barbeques and general relaxation. There are many things you can do to make it a better place to relax and soak up the sun. Some are simple and cosmetic, whereas others are structural and will require more patience on your part, and indeed more money. You may have considered some of these tips, if so, great! But look at the ones you have not considered and see if they can help your garden become great.

First have a look at your garden. What do you want to do to it? What would make it a nicer place to stay for you? These are questions you need to ask to ensure you get it right. Getting new garden floor can be a great shout. When you are planning your paving project remember to keep in mind the time frames it takes to do. It requires less, maintenance, just a jet wash once or twice a year, and is a great place to relax and host over the summer. It can be quite invasive work, but will look great when complete. Leaving you with a place to place a table and chairs, barbecue, or whatever you fancy.


You should start planting your nice colourful plants now. Check the bloomage of each plant. If you stagger it correctly you can ensure you have a burst of colour right through summer and even autumn. If you don’t have lawn in your garden consider using potted plants which pretty much do the same kind of thing anyway. Plant them in the right kind of compost to ensure a fast and healthy growth.

You can get some great accessories for your garden come summer to ensure it is a great place to relax. Some people enjoy laying out there until late at night. In these cases you should consider using a fire pit. It’s a great way or burning documents or unwanted wood. You could also use a porch heater. Similar but which plugs in and is powered by electricity. These are great if you like hosting parties that sometimes run late into the night. You can get other cool items too like a hammock, enabling you to relax and kick back in the day.

If you like taking care of your plants then consider using water from a water-butt. This water is far better for plants as tap water contains alkaline which isn’t so good for your plants. Ensure you place it beneath a drainpipe to make the most of the rainfall. It carries many nutrients that promote healthy plant growth. This can ensure your plants get the best kind of water when it needs it. You can get different types too. Some are larger than others. If you have a small garden use a smaller water-butt, otherwise it will shrink the size of your garden. You can get tiny ones the size of watering cans or huge tank like water butts.


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