Struggling To Sell Your Home? This Could Be Why

Your home is your castle, and even more so when you share it with numerous smaller versions of yourself. We tend to get very accustomed to our family homes, especially if that property was the first one you ever bought. However, for most of us, we do tend to come to the point where we need to move on regarding where we live. Everyone’s reasons for this are totally personal and unique – perhaps you need more space, or maybe your local area has changed so much since you first moved in that it no longer resonates with you anymore. Whatever it is, deciding to sell your home is a big decision and commitment; not one to be taken lightly. That is why the very last thing you need are various hitches along the way that make the selling process painful, drawn out and complicated. Of course, we all want a quick and easy sale for our property, however much of a pipe dream that might seem. But providing you know what to avoid, there’s no reason why you can’t shift your old home in record time – and you and your children could be on to pastures new sooner than you think.

It smells stale

As most of us spend at least evenings and weekends in our homes, it can be very easy to get used to the natural odor that hangs in the air. This is often known as going ‘noseblind’ – where you become so accustomed to the smell of your home that it fails to register with you anymore. This might not necessarily be a problem, but a stale home can easily be one of the things that turns a buyer off. Homes can smell stale for some reasons, including damp and poor ventilation – so make sure these issues are ironed out before you have anyone over for a viewing.

You haven’t carried out proper maintenance

You may think that because you are moving out of your home soon, any long standing maintenance issues can simply be ignored, and left for the next tenants to deal with. Wrong! After all, how would you like to move into a brand new home only to be hit by a handful of different maintenance issues that you simply can’t ignore? Plus, if you’ve already left the issues for long enough, it’s only a matter of time before they come to a head. Take action and find plumbers near me who can come to help you solve the problem before it’s too late.

It’s too bold

We all love to express our personality through our homes – but if your personality is pretty outlandish and bold, this can sometimes come back to bite you when it comes to selling your property. Buyers are very influenced by what they see during the viewing, and if you have a provocative mural painted on your living room wall, it could be all it takes to put them off. Consider toning your interior down a little bit to make that sale – then when you’re moved into your new place, you can do what you want with it all over again!


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