Stay Warm This Winter By Preparing

As the days are getting shorter and the air getting cooler, it’s time to prepare for winter. Those dreaded drk, cold days might not seem terrible now. But once you wake up tired on a Monday morning and see that everything outside is white and grey, it’s easy to fall into the winter blues.

Luckily, if you start preparing for those cold days now, you’ll be in a better position to withstand the winter. You might even end up enjoying it! Take some time now to get ready for the colder months by following these 6 tips.

  • Switch out your bedding

With the temperatures dropping, it’s time to take out your warmer, thicker bedding. Those thin, cotton blankets meant to keep you cool during summer no longer have a place as autumn comes to a close and winter draws near.

If you don’t have the right bedding, you should purchase a down comforter, a duvet with covers, or wool blankets. Duvets and wool blankets are easier to wash and mix and match depending on your tastes. Comforters are convenient and easy to use.

If your bedroom gets a bit too cold, you can add a few throws for even more warmth, comfort, and luxury. Staying snug and cosy is so important in the winter, especially when getting ready for bed.

  • Seasonal wardrobe makeover

Fall is the time to begin putting your summer clothing away. Now, you might not be a fan of the thicker clothing, but you’ll be glad you got out your warmer outfits well beforehand.

Take out your sweaters, jackets, darker trousers, thick socks, and scarves. If your closet has no space, you can put aside the shorts and summer shirts in storage boxes or in a rental storage facility.

Outfitting your wardrobe with the proper winter clothing well in advance means you’re prepared in case of unexpected early cold days. You’ll avoid scrambling and searching for your thicker jackets when you need to get to work early in the morning.

  • Slowly condition yourself

Even though you should always try to lead a healthy lifestyle, it’s even more important before winter. Eating lots of fruit and veg and exercising regularly will reinforce your body, protecting you from the upcoming cold and flu season.

Also, as soon as the cold weather arrives, it is tempting to crank up the heat. Although it might be an instant relief of warmth, you’ll regret it later on as this is extremely expensive. Instead, in the build-up to the winter months, slowly increase the setting on your thermostat.

Gradually raise the temperature and let your body adjust to the change. If this is difficult, you can layer up your clothing to help with this transition. Not only will this make the move to winter easier, you’ll also save a significant sum on your heating costs.

  • Give your heating a tune-up

Speaking of heating, it’s also time to check up on your system. Carefully examine your boiler, radiators, and hot water pipe network to make sure that they are working properly. If not, it is much easier to schedule an appointment before the cold weather creeps in.

Although your heating might be working fine, it is still a good idea to get your boiler serviced and the whole system inspected. This ensures that everything is in tip-top shape for the winter and save you the headache of dealing with a breakdown while it’s chilly.

  • Clean up and seal up

In conjunction with your heating check, make sure to get the rest of your home ready for winter. Clear out your guttering preemptively to stop leaks and water seepage. Clean and put away your outdoor furniture before it’s too cold to even go outside. Insulate your pipes so they won’t freeze or burst.

Close up any holes that will let warm air escape. Seal up the gaps between your windows or even go for more energy-efficient windows. Also switch to heavier curtains to help maintain the warm, cosy atmosphere in your home!

  • Buy winter necessities

Don’t leave it too late to go out and buy the winter essentials! The temperature and snow will start to fall, and before you know it, you’ll have to run out and buy spades, salt, de-icers, and ice scrapers, especially if you live in the North.

Do this before everything freezes over and you’ll have a much better time handling the winter. With winter just around the corner, it’s time to stock up!

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2 thoughts on “Stay Warm This Winter By Preparing

  1. You’ve outlined some great tips, thanks. It’s easy to leave things until the last minute, but you’re right, with a little prepping ahead of time, it makes the colder weather much more enjoyable!

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