Simple Primula Recipes

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I love cheese in the post. So do the girls. So I let them come up with some Simple Primula Recipes to share with you all.

Italian Meat Stuff with Cheese

This one is super easy. Take chilled meat like Salami Ventricina or Prosciutto. Lay them flat. Run a strip of the cheese across it, and roll it up!

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Pepper Pot Dip

This one is really simple again. Take a pepper, we used a green on. Cut the top off and save it to be used as a lid.

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Layer the inside with Primula, cheddar and meat. Put the lid back on. Bake in the over for about 15 minutes.


It’s a great and edible dipping bowl. Yummy!

Another of L’s ideas was stuffed tomatoes. Or as she called them…

Cheesy Tomato Bowls

Primula Quick Snacks-12

Firstly, slice the baby tomatoes, then remove the middle bit.

Primula Quick Snacks-13

Then, filled middle bit up with Chive Primula.

Primula Quick Snacks-14

Top with herbs.

Primula Quick Snacks-15


Toasted Cheese Dipping Sticks

This one couldn’t be easier. Toast some bread. Slather in your favourite Primula flavour. Slice into sipping sticks. We went for Ham & Cheese flavoured Primula.

Primula Quick Snacks-5

Primula Quick Snacks-6

What We Loved About It

Primula Quick Snacks-4

The reason we loved the Primula tubes was because tiny hands could get creative in the kitchen. L really loved thinking up recipes, and they were all tasty and very simple. Perfect for picnics, BBQs, and just because.

We were sent a selection of Primula flavours to try out and come up with some fun recipes for the summer months. We hope you enjoy L’s Simple Primula Recipes!


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