Siblings and 'that' bond.

I’m not sure when it happened but one day not too long ago Middle Kid decided that Ivy was no longer ‘the potato’ or ‘Pineapple face’ she was ‘my Ivy’. If I happened to joking say that I was going to throw Ivy out with the nappy bin she used to say ‘Yes, quick I HELP YOU’. Not now, though. Now there are screams of rage and I have learned my lesson. There is a bond forming there now. One that Eldest and Middle Kid don’t have. I’m not sure if it is to do with age, ability or something else. The obvious something else would be that Ivy & Middle Kid have the same biological dad and Eldest doesn’t.

Personally I don’t think this makes a difference, I knew about my dad not being my dad and it never made a difference to me. Although we were all the same tone of skin. Hey ho!

They sat with big blocks, Middle Kid showing Ivy how to build a castle so they can take over the world, and kill dinosaurs. Ivy has started to try to stand and walk, when she reaches for something Middle Kid no longer hands it to her in disgust but instead says ‘C’mon then, use your leggies’. She is encouraging Ivy to move, walk and explore in a way that I can’t. They laugh at jokes that I don’t understand, sometimes I am the joke. I overheard Middle Kid say ‘Let’s put mummy in the bin, after you had boobies though. OKAY IVY? YEAH?’


I look at them and remember watching my middle brother (who lives with me now) do a forward roll down the stairs, I watched him go side ways off a slide and fracture his elbow, I watched him fall over and slice the top of his 6th finger off (now removed), I punched someone in the face for throwing him around by his bag in school and I have a room in my home for him. We have in jokes, words that only we use and I know that if I need him he will be there. Even if he can’t wash dishes or hoover – ever.


I look at them and I hope that they will enjoy the relationship I have with my middle brother.

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