Shit for Keeping Zen – Content Creators and Apps

This year has been so janky. And every single social media platform has been filled up with people being aggressive to each other. And if not to each other just subtweeting people who they disagree with.

It’s been like a toxic swamp sometimes.

There are plenty of uplifting accounts, and it’s important to trim the fat on what you follow and then fill up that space with good stuff, good people, and good shit you like.

But, sometimes, there is just SO MUCH FUCKING NOISE. Oh my god. It’s just everywhere. Bad news. Fake news. It just spreads rapidly.

I want to enjoy social media, or using my tech. But I can’t enjoy that when it’s a merky swamp. So I skipped out on it, I cruise and share -rarely.

But I have been enjoying a couple of podcasts, TikTok creators and apps. Here the are:


Fearne Cotton, chatting to people. It’s easy to listen to, it’s got some thought-provoking stuff. It’s pretty lovely.
I like listening to people on spiritual paths and journeys. I like hearing people speak on things they are passionate about. Hindz just has an aesthetic and vibe that is immaculate.
I like to have my basic ass bitch self challenged. I love the conversational, relaxed and open style of this podcast. How she does the tarot makes my soul sing. Handing straws out to those who deserve and lifting up people too. It’s a balancing podcast for baddies (everyone).
I am a creative person, I just don’t share every single thing I do. I like the conversations, ideas, and the relaxed nature.
It’s a set of… You know what, just go listen and buy the book. And actually read the book.

Chill TikTok Creators

There is an overlap here, some of the TikTok creators I enjoy I try to support their other content too. Like Hindz.


The calm app, I have literally talked about this for all of 2020. And even my last post had a little love for it. Anyway. Here are a few apps that I use, love and chill with.

I use the Calm app every single day, more than once. I use it for meditation, the daily calm, and sleep stories. It’s just fucking good.

Moonly is a really basic app, it has the moon calendar, runes, wisdom, healing, daily affirmations and it is visually pleasing. It’s €19,99 for the year or €2,99 a month. There are a few options, but check the app out and see if you will be using it enough to pay for it.

Instagram Creators That are a Whole Vibe

I’m not going into a long blah about the creators below. They’re very excellent, creative, inspirational and all of those other things too. If you like a mix of news, activism, thoughts, art and beauty there you go.

Some stuff to keep you occupied, fill up time, lift you up, make you think, or just enjoy.

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