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Meat eaters we are, eat meat we do and we are always in search of oversized bowls, super tall milkshakes glasses and a really good dip. Rub hit all of those spots easily and then gave us some take-out boxes to pack up our leftover meats. I like this, it makes you feel less like a failure for having to leave a sweet and saucy set of ribs on your plate.

I felt at home in the spacey interior, it’s light and cosy, filled with quirky fittings, bar lights and graffiti. There is plenty of space around each table so you could easily hit Rub after a day of shopping like we did & not worry about where to stash your bags. Equally enough room for pushchairs and they are super quick to grab highchairs too. Family friendly & attentive.




We had spent a whole day shopping around Birmingham and a light munch just wasn’t going to cut it. We had booked a table a week or so in advance and although it was relatively quiet on a Sunday at 4 pm I would recommend booking ahead.


I opened up with a gin. I like gin, I like gin cocktails and I really hoped this one was going to be tasty. I would say it was a lovely drink and a sweet £7 but I would love the cups to be a bit bigger.

Hayman’s London Dry Gin, Briottet Rhubarb, Cucumber, Elder ower Cordial, Pomegranate Juice and Fevertree Tonic Water.

Eldest ordered a big fat Oreo Milkshake, I was hoping it was going to be in a super tall shake glass and it was. She loved it.



I ordered burnt end for my starter, which is 16hr slow smoked brisket in a caramelised BBQ sauce. Frankly, this just blew my mind. It was sweet, soft, chewy, spicy, tangy and so saucy. It had a £5.95 price tag and honestly one serving could feed two people with ease. The girls had pigs in blankets. Pretty standard stuff, a good size portion but it was served with an in-house white BBQ Sauce which was the nicest sauce I have had anywhere in a long time. So much that I actually asked for more of it for my fries later on AND asked where it was from.





For my main I decided to go for a burger. Something not too meaty actually, I really wanted to try to rolls too. I find a burger bun is basically a hit or miss thing. A dry bun and you can’t go back to that place every again.

Rub - Birmingham

To my utter delight, the bun was soft and sweet, the meat was literally oozing out the side, the sauce had been slightly soaked up into the bun, there was a pickle on top, the cheese was melty, the extra caramelised onions I had asked for were prominent in flavour and the sour creamy bites from the blue cheese I had added really cut through the sweetness of it all. It was a mess eat. It was a glorious eat. Because I added a few extra bits my burger was closer to £15 than £10 but totally worth it. There was a healthy side of fries but in honestly, when you are staring at all the meat the fries disappear into the background a little but are worth the addition of a ‘friggin hell they are good!’.

Mr Mojo thought he was a bottomless pit and had a Risket for a Brisket food platter, which actually could totally feed 3 people. It had saucy brisket, fries, he added some stuff too and ended up with mac’n’cheese, ribs and who knows what else – honestly have no idea what is on this bad boy. Go hard or go home right? He went hard, and we took most of it home.

Rub - Birmingham

Kansas City Roll, Low & Slow burnt ends caramelised in our signature BBQ sauce served with pickles and slaw in a bun.

Rub - Birmingham

The reason I share this very flattering and gorgeous picture is because if you are taking a date here, you need to know what your face will look like. The whole way through.


The girls had the Hot Dawg. They couldn’t finish their mains, and we couldn’t finish ours either.

Smoked frankfurter with caramelised onions.

Rub - Birmingham

Rub - Birmingham

There is however always room for pudding and coffee.

Belgian Waffle with a dollop of vanilla ice cream lathered in chocolate & butterscotch sticky sauce

Black “FOREST” sundae


Rub - Birmingham

Rub - Birmingham

Too full to type anything good. Waffles, sauces, ice cream & coffee. #instafood #foodies #eatbirmingham #pudding #dessert #sweet #chocolate #coffee #icecream #fatpantson #rubyourselfie
Too full to type anything good. Waffles, sauces, ice cream & coffee. #instafood #foodies #eatbirmingham #pudding #dessert #sweet #chocolate #coffee #icecream #fatpantson #rubyourselfie


Final word on this Rub smokehouse Birmingham Review, I would go in hungry, thirsty and ask for the white BBQ sauce. 


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  1. I’ve been wondering if this place was worth visiting, but I can see I will need to go there on an empty stomach! The food looks amazing – and thanks for the dating tip as well, a burger I will not have!

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