Roast chicken caesar salad with eggs

We cheated a bit on this one. I used a pre-basted chicken. I still added a little extra garlic and butter under the skin and it was worth it.

So this is a bit of a bumper one as it two recipes in it.

The Caesar Dressing –

120g Mayo
8 drained anchovies (we used the herb and garlic ones so we didn’t need to add garlic)
4 minced garlic cloves
120ml Lemon juice (we juiced one)
60g full fat yoghurt (we used greek instead)
4 tsp Dijon mustard (we missed it out)
4 tbsp olive oil (we used the oil from the anchovies)
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
pinch celery salt



Then – put it all in a jar and shake it. Simple. It keeps 3-5 days but it’s so good I don’t think it will last that long.

Salady bit –

1 large chicken (2.5kg, also buy it basted and save your self man handling the chicken)
12 quails eggs or enough normal eggs for one per person
4 little gem lettuces
Bag of prewashed salad
120g pitted black olives
3 celery stalks
30g parmesan (we use pecorino)
olive oil
fresh pepper

1 ciabatta roll sliced into 1cm slices(we used pre sliced onion bread – was epic)

Cook chicken according to instructions on the pack, 20 minutes before the timer is due to go for the chicken brush the ciabatta slices with olive oil.

Shred, tear and slice the little gems, slice celery and lob it all in a bowl with the bag of prewashed.

Once the twenty minutes is up, take it all out and let the chicken rest. After about ten minutes shred the meat off the carcass. Throw the meat in the juices from the pan, drain slightly.

Place chicken and olives on top of the salad, shave over some parmesan and good grind of pepper.

It might look a bit like this –

And on the plate probably this –

The homemade Caesar dressing (although we just made our own up a bit) was amazing. The salad was really light but really big on flavour.

We will be cooking this one again.

This is the second installment from Eight Days of Salad and tomorrow we have Thai Beef and Basil with glass noodles.

Toodle pip.


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