Restoring Your Calm While Freelancing

Working from home hasn’t ever been this easy. However, the downside is that sometimes it can feel like you have too much to do and just can’t master your balance. So let’s take a look at a couple of things that can help you get your working week ship shape, and give you some time to yourself. 

Restoring Your Calm While Freelancing

Look into getting an assistant. If you aren’t sure you can stretch to an in-person assistant, or you’re not 100% sure on the employment law surrounding hiring someone, then it might be worth your time to check out a VA. You can find a reasonably priced virtual assistant on most freelance websites. Fivver, Upwork, People Per Hour are all great options. You might prefer to just put a shout out on your social media and see what you get back. Either way, you can pick up an assistant that will revolutionise your workload and give you back all the hours you were plowing into admin and other tasks. If you do decide to hire someone, be sure that you have checked with a company like Prosperity Law that you’ve handled everything correctly – to save future headaches.

Disconnect from your social media platforms and put the business down for a while. Turning your tech off is one of the most significant ways that you can find some balance and also create some time for other things. While we are much more likely to be plugged into our phones all day, it doesn’t actually mean the time we are spending there is useful. Make a conscious choice to turn your phone to silent, close your laptop and open a notebook. Write down some new ideas, colour, doodle, give your eyes and brain some time to decompress from the constant blue light and the influx of information and requests. Switching off tech is a great way to switch on your creative mode. 

If you need help with disconnecting, then you might want to check out a couple of apps like –

  • Space – that helps you be more in the moment by encouraging some deep breaths before it opens an app for you.
  • Freedom – which just blocks the internet for a set length of time for you.
  • Pause – a creative app that is designed to calm you down with lovely blobs of colour
  • Headspace – a guided meditation that brings some inner peace, restores your zen and keeps you chilled out.


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