Refreshing Your Website

When your website first went live, you probably thought “that’s it, job done!”. Well, unless you want to reap the benefits of having an online presence then you’re going to need to know how to optimise and maintain it.

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There are so many simple aspects which when tweaked just a little, will make massive improvements to the performance of your website and drive heavier and more frequent amounts of traffic to your website. Let’s look at the main elements which can push your website presence further than ever before.

Be on top of trends

Tastes are always going to change because the world we live in is constantly evolving and offering us new places to go, foods to try and products to help us achieve our dream lifestyle.

No doubt your operate a business in an industry which changes as rapidly as any other, so if your website is still showing products from 5 years ago, it’s not going to present you as the progressive, up to date provider that you may be in store.

Everything from your images, branding, content, and contact details should be up to date and sparkling with newness and relevancy. 

Keep your security tight

Now, having tight security shouldn’t really be a new thing to you as it is vital that your customers and your own data is protected at all times!

However, there are exceptions to this statement and that is if you started out online by opting for the cheapest web hosting package. This needs to change as you are sacrificing the security of your website and putting in front row to be victimised by hackers and viruses.

Instead, change servers and opt for a package which appears to be value for money and offers regular security updates and had a fast recovering from server downtime, which can be common and deters users from your site if they notice it happening regularly. 

Add in new features

If you don’t already have social media accounts in association with your business then now is the time to make Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram your best friend. A whole other pool of customers is out there waiting for you.

Making your business accessible in every corner of the internet is the key to unlocking new demographics which may never have known they needed your product or services before. 

Make your presence known

Having a website is the first step into making business history, but you must make every effort count. 

Digital marketing agencies can help you find the perfect Search Engine Optimisation strategy, to target the audience who needs your services, not the users that don’t, which makes every result a positive one.

Stockport website design agencies know how to form responsive web design content, graphics and branding, which is inline with your companies ethos and what your audience is most likely to be receptive to. This website checklist is a small but very powerful guide to helping you make the most of having a website. You also have a big helping hand with a digital 

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