Reasons to love Autumn/Winter.

Reasons to love these seasons

  • The crisp fresh air. It can be a little nippy, but maybe you remember walking to school with rosy cheeks? Moving your chin around in a weird way because it was numb. Just me?
  • The colours, the colours of Autumn are worth waiting all year for. They are glorious. Rich, deep reds, leaves so yellow the trees begin to look like a little bit of sunshine along the roads.
  • Darker nights – perfect for, relaxing, hot chocolate (gin), milky coffees (gin), warm soups (gin) and movies (gin?).
  • Jumpers. You know that comfy jumper you’ve looked longingly at for a few weeks at the end of summer, it’s time. Get it out. Snuggle that bad boy.

  • This might just be me. I love the Red Cups (Starbucks). A Venti, vanilla spiced latte, in a red cup.
  •  It’s nearly Christmas.
  • The smell, the smell of cinnamon, nutmeg and spiced apple. Partly because the shops have gone OTT again. But those smells remind me of mince pies, puddings and winter.
  • The excitement. If you are one of the fortunate, your children will begin to get excited. That excitement is infectious. You could give them a pair of socks and an apple. They just love it.
  • Christmas lights, lit up against a dark sky. Twinkling like your own personal light show.
  • Walking into your own home after being out in the cold air. The warmth hits you. ‘Mmmmmm’ you say.

The food. We vastly improve our food, the flavours and the care. It’s okay to eat what you really want for a change. No one wears a bikini in winter. Bonus!

  • Snuggling up in your very warm duvet, with the window a little cracked open. Smelling the cool air, and still being cosy.
  • Snow. Yes, I hear the groan from the drivers. But just sit back a moment and remember how you felt when it snowed when you were little. Snow is amazing. It’s beautiful.
  • Sending or receiving that first Seasons Greetings card.
  • Bonfire night! Unless you’re a animal of some sort who is terrified of loud noises. The cool air combined with the acidic after smell of fireworks and bonfires.
  • The landscape being transformed when the leaves finally fall. The twisted branches giving us a nod before they burst with life again.
  • Tights, hats, scarves and boots. Nuff said.
  •  November – The start of the Christmas German Market in Birmingham. This is a personal one, but the German Christmas Market is a feast for the eyes and the belly! Yum yum.
So next time you get a bit gloomy about it all. Go outside, take a big, deep breath. Let the crisp cool change in seasons fill your lungs up. Remember that you probably loved this time of year when you were younger. Is there anything not to love?


7 thoughts on “Reasons to love Autumn/Winter.

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    Agree with them all, I thought it was only me. I got a lovely new coat for my birthday which I’m dying to wear. Im excited to buy myself a new pair of winter boots and jumpers. I’m skint so it’ll be primark, but no one has to know right?
    And the GERMAN MARKET!! Sooo excited. Can’t wait to finally buy my nutella crepes again.

    Fab post x

  2. I start to look forward to any new season…..get bored very easily! There are 2 reasons to like Autumn – 1. It’s my birthday! 2. The boots come back out….I love winter boots (and all winter clothes for that matter) Great post 🙂

  3. I love summer. Followed by spring. Autumn comes in at third. Hate winter. Hate dark. Hate cold. But I’ll be honest, you’ve slightly sold it to me there. Only slightly, though!

  4. really beautiful place you have here and what a lovely post,i have i always loved winter its deep sensitive touching gloomy shades of the days i just love it,keep your nice writing up dear have blessed time all the time

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