15 Weeks Pregnant… Already?

I can’t quite get my head around being here already, 15 weeks pregnant. I feel like it has gone by so quickly. I’m a mum to three already, so I don’t particularly have time to count the days. Which has been a blessing. Baby is now apple sized, apparently around inches long.

I have seen my midwife once, I am due an appointment next week. I’ve been to the hospital more times than I’ve seen her already. Between A&E, blood tests, being introduced to someone on the consultant team – as I had gestation diabetes last time around. I should just move in.

This Week

I read something yesterday, that has bothered me immensely. I read that the official diagnosis numbers (in 2015 – New thresholds were released) for GD are higher than what I tested with (in 2014) and in the back of my mind, I am wondering – did I have it at all? It is ultimately useless to go through it all again. In my mind, but it impacted the birth we had, the stress levels of the pregnancy, and how safe I felt through the whole thing. Of course, I have a GTT booked this time, working with the fact I ‘had’ GD last time.

I want a home birth so much, and the consultant we saw said that the midwife who let me deliver at home with Lily was ‘brave’ I corrected her and said ‘supportive of my choices’. I truly felt supported, and the truth is I wasn’t thinner, I wasn’t as well equipped, and I lived in a three storey maisonette.

This time? Who knows. In the end, it doesn’t matter what I want, what matters is keeping him/her safe. My perforce? Home all the way.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying the school walk with these two tiny chatty people.Β 


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    Youre really making me want to go to nursing school. I thinkI want to be a labor and delivery nurse and eventually transition into becoming a midwife too. Congrats on your pregnancy.

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