Perfect Bedtime Routine & a BookTrust Bedtime Kit Competition!

I love certain routines in the house. The weekend breakfasts, the movies nights and the daily ones:

Hands, Face, Teeth, Hair” – Called out morning and night to make sure everyone is taking care of their basic hygiene.

Secondly – Bath, Book & Bed.

I am delighted to share our evening routine with you, some sleepy time treats, and a competition from BookTrust.

Crafting Your Perfect Sleepy Time Treats

Although a bedtime routine like the one that is noted below is perfect, you can add even more fun into your nighttimes. Ever had a little one that can’t settle properly? This Sleep Spray and Sleepy Soap make the ideal companion.

Get your little ones to help you make the spray and soap and they’re almost guaranteed to work!

Sleepy Spray:

  • Empty Spray Bottle, any size you like.
  • Printable Spray Bottle Labels; you can make your own in a snip with Canva or Picmonkey.
  • A few drops of lavender, you can add as much or as little as you like here.
  • Distilled Water


Mix it all up in your spray bottle and spritz! Easy.

Remember to shake before each use! It’s perfect for use around the bed.

Here is a little poem to make it extra special:

Where ever we spray this spray,

That is where good dreams come to stay.

Next is something for tiny hands or, for in the bath as we did below!

Sleepy Soap:

  • Melt and Pour Soap
  • Soap Mould – The girls picked flowers
  • Lavender Flowers suitable for bathing
  • Scent – We opted for Lemon, a fresh and calming scent – great for bath time
  • Colouring suitable for soap


This one is great for kids. 

Cut the melt and pour soap in to cubes, and gently microwave them.

Separate the mix into different bowls

In each bowl add a few drops of the colouring and a few drops of the scent and stir.

The girls sprinkled lavender buds into the bottom of the moulds and we poured the melted soap mix on top.

We placed in real shells too.

To show you just how beautiful they are when they are set I shone a torch under them – look at the colours!



Our simple evening winding down routine starts with a bath filled with lavender bubbles from your soap, and toys.

This is is Ivy’s evening being documented here, she is a huge Peppa Pig fan, and has been since she was little. This little floaty boat is a bath lovers best buddy.

Comfortable PJs and a warm towel from the radiator are essential. The littlest one has very dry skin, so she gets slathered in moisturising creams and dressed in cosy jimjams.


Our eldest, Poppy, loves to read to the girls. Often we can hear her doing the voices of the characters. It brings an extra dimension to the bedtime routine when your big sister can read all the awesome books you love too.

Ivy has recently shown a big interest in reading, so she will describe all the images on the pages. Ivy is really animated too!


Our book and bed take place at the same time. When the book is put away, the big lights are turned off the night lights take over. Soft glowy lights help sooth Ivy if she happens to wake up during the night. Snuggly teddies all take their places, final kiss on the head and it is door closed. Peppa doesn’t stay on all night, around ten minutes or so, which is ideal for little ones who need a few minutes of soothing but are already tired.


For Extra tips on getting a great bedtime routine check out Bath Book Bed | BookTrust


I am delighted to be giving away a BookTrust Goody Bag. Featuring two of the best bedtime books for 2018. The two you will receive may vary from those pictured.

1 x Pippa Pig Book

1 x Peppa Pig Toothbrush 

1 x Peppa Pig Toothpaste

1 x Peppa Bubble Bath

1 x Bath, Book, Bed booklet

2x Best Bedtime Books

BookTrust Bedtime Kit

For extra prizes: Twitter Party Weds 11th April 8-9pm using the hashtag #BathBookBed @BookTrust

Please comply with Twitters duplicate tweeting rules.

29 thoughts on “Perfect Bedtime Routine & a BookTrust Bedtime Kit Competition!

  1. The same routine at the same time every night, 4 short story books a song and then lights out.

  2. Great prize package. Please consider allowing competition entry via e-mail, blog comment, etc.

  3. Routine is the key. My toddler twins go to bed at 7 and wake up 8am the next day! after the dinner we have bath, book and then to cots. they have been doing the since they are 6 months old and it really working for us.

  4. Stick to a routine my daughter has a bath, cbeebies bedtime story then a cuddle and book in bed she loves her routine and you definitely notice her change in behaviour if she has a late night

  5. Our routine which has always worked is after dinner, bath time, milk, then cuddles and story before bed

  6. Bath time at 7 followed by a bedtime story and a cuddle before lights out works in our home.

  7. My kids love having bed time “chants” that I’ve made up for them over the years!

  8. Route is best, and so is familiarity. Light tea, bath and bed. No phones or tv an hour before bed.

  9. We always have a set routine at similar times each night. A bath, a little TV, bedtime story, lights out.

  10. I sneak a few drops of camomile and lavender oil into his bath. Knocks him out every time

  11. With my little granddaughter, I follow the “bath, book, bed” routine which usually works well. However, if she’s had an exciting day, or expecting to have an exciting day tomorrow (e.g. a visit to the zoo) then we make lists of things we have seen / done or plan to see & do. So for example we will list all the animals we saw in the zoo, I purposely repeat some of the names we’ve already said, and so the list just goes on and on until she is asleep.

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