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Blue Skies and Family Time.

Me and Mr M had made an agreement to be more spontaneous, more outdoorsy and more ‘family days out’ orientated, I have already made a start on this by Zoo trips, walks and park trips but it’s not the same without the whole family.

 He, like most of you, works 9-5.30 with a commute and a heap of extra work to do outside of work. So when it comes to the weekend he really likes to stay in his shorts and play games or surf the interwebs with movie time dotted around. He likes that.

I however have this nagging feeling every time he picks up his shorts. I reallllly would like him to have planned a family day out. Yes, perhaps my expectations are a little high but that isn’t the point here… (might be the point).

 I really want him to say on a Friday – Hey on Saturday night, pack the plastics lets go to the Zoo/Beach/Safari Park/Park/Museum/Art Gallery on Sunday morning bright and early. I feel like that is going to happen, we talked about it a lot over the weekend. I think we are on the same page. Yes movies are awesome and relaxing and super cool, but nothing beats long walks and stepping in things you hope aren’t poop.

So Sunday morning, the sun was blazing through the window and I woke Mr up, got everything ready, checked ticket prices, woke the sleeping babes up and away we went to Telford Park. It’s nothing special, but it is lovely. The girls where excited to get on the train, shared their snacks, munched on fruit and played with the extra large bubbles I picked up.

They joy of all four of us walking around in a big woodsy walk was just amazing. While I sat making up the lunches, they played football and I don’t think I ever feel so close to them as that. Even though we aren’t all doing the same thing, we are doing something and that means a lot to me.

The children also had a brilliant day, cuts, grazed knees, sticky from suncream and smelly from running around all day. It’s perfect. My Sunday was perfect.

I hope you all enjoyed your warm weekend too


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