Papa John's BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza


Introducing the BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza

Oh my goooooooooodness. We got to try out a Papa John’s BBQ Beef Brisket Pizza, last week, you may have seen that on my Instagram and Twitter. It was amazing. We love pizza anyway, but this one had a twist on a traditional BBQ sauce, it was a cola one. Which works so well with the onions, and burnt ends. The burnt ends aren’t the same as normal beef, they have a slightly smokier and deeper flavour.

The kids loved it. The said the BBQ sauce was the best they’ve had in a long time.

Here is what Papa John’s say about the meat they use and how it’s seasoned:

We source only the finest beef brisket from only British and Irish farms. The meat is seared and then blended with a mix of nine herbs and spices, including garlic, paprika, oregano, ginger and cumin, before being slow cooked for four hours to get the finest, melt in your mouth pieces of beef you’ll have ever tasted.




If you’ve ever had a Papa John’s pizza I don’t need to tell you about the garlic butter sauce. The pizza can totally take a good dipping in the sauce without overtaking the flavour, they work wonderfully together. Make sure you order some sides though, the pizza was gone in minutes!


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