Opteka HD 10x Macro lens review #budgetphotography

As you may or may not know I love photography, I am still just learning but I love macro at the moment. I sadly don’t have to cash to splurge on a true macro lens if I did I would be purchasing a Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x and going crazy. For now I am getting to grips with getting in close.


Something that you have to have without fail is an incredibly steady hand or a tripod with this one. While the Opteka HD 10x Macro lens  is only £14.81 on Amazon for me it has been worth the price, I found playing around with focal points and blurred edges a great challenge and I found myself taking a few of the same subject but at different angles to move the focal point, which forced me to look at things from a new perspective and gave me fresh ideas for some future projects. I took these on grey day and I would recommend that you use a lot of light when using this lens (which isn’t actually a lens, but is advertised as such so let’s go with it).


There are many others ways to have a bash at close up photography, reverse mountings, tubes and a real macro lens. So I am not suggesting this is a substitute for any of those, and perhaps isn’t even a better option at all but I have had some reasonable success and loved playing with it. I used my Canon 400D, a standard kit lens Canon 2-80mm (now discontinued), so pretty much a budget kit.
So let us have a look at a few pictures. While none of the images have been zoomed or cropped they have been edited in Lightroom, however even Lightroom can’t fix a bad closeup :

Father Time (1 of 5)
Father Time (1 of 7)
Father Time
Father Time (6 of 7)
Father Time (5 of 7)
Father Time (5 of 5)
Father Time (4 of 7)
Father Time (4 of 5)
Father Time (3 of 7)
Father Time (3 of 5)
Father Time (2 of 7)
Father Time (2 of 5)

The down side of the Opteka HD 10x Macro lens is that the images are slightly grainy, you have to be very (very) close in to your subject, you will need a lot of light and probably a little bit of editing time. I would also recommend that you get to know your manual settings as your auto-focus will have a little trouble. (No better time to learn manual mode eh?).

The upside of the Opteka HD 10x Macro lens is that it is cheap, so it is great for starting out with close up photography, it’s lightweight so will go in your camera bag without taking up much space, did I mention it’s cheap? And I got a few shots that I really love and wouldn’t mind taking a few more.

I was not sent this product for review purposes, I purchased it with my own money and felt that it was so much fun it was worth sharing.


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