Oat, cheese and herb biscuits

I like simple recipes, I like simple food and I like something that I can nibble on. By nature, I am a snacker. I will graze around the kitchen all day. It helps if I have something tasty on hand when possible. I find these oat, cheese and herb biscuits do the trick. The recipe was something I stumbled on a long time ago by accident. I was trying to make cookies and missed out an ingredient. From then on I just made the this way!
I don’t have perfect bowls or one of those brilliantly surfaced kitchens so don’t be surprised by my very old, lime green Dora the Explorer bowl, please!
Oat cheese and herb biscuits-3

Because I was experimenting with the flavours, I had a lot of measuring cups and bowls around.

Oat cheese and herb biscuits

The type of oats you choose will change the flavour of your biscuits. I am using Flahavan’s Irish Organic Porridge Oats here.
225g Oats

60g Self Raising Flour
60g Marg or Butter
Pinch of salt OR a sprinkle of sea salt 
Pepper – a really good grind
70g cheese (use whatever you like best!)
Fresh herbs (I used Rosemary from my garden)
Milk for glaze

Oat cheese and herb biscuits-4
Once you have measured out the oats, flour and butter add those to your bowl and use your fingers to work them into a breadcrumb like state.

Oat cheese and herb biscuits-7

 The next bit is really easy. Add the rest of the ingredients into the bowl and continue to mix until it forms a reasonably hard textured ball. I tend to keep my herbs quite chunky as I like the bite of the flavour and the aroma while they bake.
Oat cheese and herb biscuits-8

Once you have this ball, slowly and carefully roll it out to about .5 of a cm thick. If you want thicker biscuits then just roll them out thick, I like the .5 as it’s between a cracker and a biscuit and I can still slather butter on it!
Oat cheese and herb biscuits-10

Once you have cut all your little biscuits out glaze the top with a little milk and pop them in the over for around 12-15 minutes or until they are slightly brown. You will smell the cheese and herbs quickly and the cheese will begin to melt out and form slightly crunchy areas on the biscuits – which is amazing!

Oat cheese and herb biscuits-12

When they are finished and still a bit warm, pop them on a serving tray and put a little butter on them for a brilliant mid afternoon treat.



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