Nurturing Touch Arm Routine

Always ask you baby if you can massage them, it’s important to do this because babies have very little control of what already happens to them. It also starts to build up a trust. Once they understand what/how you are saying they will respond with a yes or no gesture or noise.

Make sure to be in a calm environment, use soothing tones of voice and calm gestures. Start to associate the calm sensations with a relaxing massage.It is better that baby be lying in front of you in a warm room with little to no clothing or nappy on.

Warm the oil in your hands (see Oil Type page for oil suggestions)

Making an O shape with both hands wrap them gently around the top of baby’s arm, with a gentle grip slide hand from armpit the wrist and release, repeat this move a few times with alternating hands.
Hug and glide: Wrap both hands around babies arm and slowly slide them back and forth around baby’s arms and down the arm simultaneously
Palm Rub: Place your thumbs in the palm of baby’s hands and make circular movements
Top of hand: Rub the top of baby’s hands with your thumb
Wrist circles: Trace tiny circles around each wrist
Swedish Milking: Make an O shape with your hands, start at baby’s wrist and moved up to the arm pit, repeat rhythmically.

Once you have finished, pick baby up, give them a kiss and say ‘Thank you’.


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