New year, new space, new activities.

So with more room, I am officially removing all computers from the living room. I’ve hated computers in there for a long time. Don’t get me wrong I obviously use one, but I don’t sit with my back to the kids for hours while playing computer games on them. So I have made the decision that no one else will either.

The living room will now belong to me and the three girls. I wrote a post a while ago after we built a whole half of this (very small) living room into a learning station. Packed with blocks, instruments, sensory stuff, new carpet and so on.

Then my brother moved in (just after my dad moved out) and it all went to ruins. No matter how many times I cleaned it, the fact there was a desk, huge computer and all his stuff way half in it ruined the feel I was going for and it left the girls with the smallest space imaginable to really use.

Since last August.


But now I have the opportunity to give them a proper space. One in which I can also put some new items for them to enjoy and use. We all know the best thing about home education can be that you don’t really need anything. Sometimes however it is nice to splash out on a few items that you know will be fun and used a lot.

I was intending on buying a standing easel of some sort for a while, but with no room there was no point.

So I have decided that I am going to be investing in something like this from Viro Display in the next few weeks.

The girls will love it. We can do painting, whiteboard drawing games, it can hold pots of paint/pens/crayons and is really bright and happy.

Double sided means that neither of the bigger two will be fighting over who can use it. Easy to clean means we can continue to promote ‘play and put away’ or in this instance wipe down after we have finished whatever session we are doing.

A handy more space saving version of this would be two of these.

  • – Avoid those unwanted scribbles on the wallpaper
  • – Colourful plastic frame with safe round corners
  • – Very durable design, 5+ year lifetime
  • – Smooth, low ghosting magnetic whiteboard surface, easy to clean
  • – For use with whiteboard pens, magnets and magnetic accessories

I think these are a great little addition to the ed box/corner or the house in general. Again it comes in the same bright, happy colours and are wipe clean. They work with magnets or whiteboard pens – which can make for some interesting spelling games!

I have also been scouting out their blackboard range! I think these look really cool framed and attached on a wall somewhere. But that is a discussion I’m yet to have with Mr. M!

So that is a few bits that we will purchasing in the next few (hectic) weeks. I am really excited to be able to add these things in to what we have planned!


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