Moving to a New Place with Less Hassles

Preparation is key when making a life-changing decision like moving out. Whether you do it to become independent, to be closer to work or to be closer to someone you love, the process is never easy.

But there are ways to make the experience less troublesome.

Location, Location, Location

Ridiculous as it sounds, one of the main reasons that make a move stressful is the location you’ve picked. The greater the distance or the more complicated the travel route, the more stressful your move will be. If the new residence you’re moving to requires going cross-country or crossing the sea, the long trip had best be worth it. But if you look hard enough, such places exist, and you can read more here about one such place.

When making a big move, be absolutely sure about your new location as it won’t be easy to pick up and leave again. Be sure that you either have a job waiting for you or can easily find a job after you move.

Plan Moving Costs

Before the actual moving day, plan out your budget. Compare prices of movers and don’t merely select one solely because they’re on the cheap—think about what services you’ll need.

Consider other costs like any leftover bills you’ll have to pay at your former address and the bills that await you in the new place. If you’re driving, factor in the costs such as petrol, meals, toll fees, and lodging if you’ll have to do the trip overnight or over the course of a couple of days.

Also, prepare for the unexpected and have an emergency fund ready.

Pack it Up

Packing your stuff can be one of the most stressful and back-breaking tasks for the big move. If you’re like a lot of people, you’ll have a lot of personal items like clothing, small appliances, memorabilia of your favourite sport, items for your hobbies, books and other reading materials, and whatever knick-knacks you fancy.

A couple of ways to make moving all your stuff easier is to hire a packing service, and couple that with doing some vacuum-packing of your own. You can vacuum-pack your clothes and linens to compact them and save space in the moving vehicle.

Have a System

By a ‘system,’ we mean you should have a way of tracking and cataloguing your belongings. Keep a separate journal or notebook listing all your stuff, and label each box to describe their contents. You can use your phone’s camera to have a photographic log of what’s packed in which box.

Leave the Rest to the Pros

If you can spare the space, take whatever you can with you in your car as you move to your new place (if it’s accessible by car), and that includes any pets. You’ll have less to worry about and will have the joy of having your furry family members along for the ride.

For moving anything large like pieces of furniture or large appliances to another country, you can hire international movers. Moving within the UK? Hire a local mover. Whatever you do, for your sanity, never look for moving services on Craigslist!

Moving to a new location isn’t something to be taken lightly. While these suggestions cover some main points, there are always some more moving tips you’ll need to take into consideration.

Bear in mind that moving requires a lot of work and can turn into a monumental task if you fail to prepare for it.

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