Moorcroft Wood Local Nature Reserve

Bull Lane, Bilston, West Midlands, WV14 8NE

We have been exploring local wildlife spots and we’d put this one on our list for a day where it might rain. It’s so close and we could be back on the tram within 5 minutes if the weather turned. As it happened it didn’t till later in the day. There are lots of little hills and many different pathways to explore so it’s great to spend a few hours in. We only went to one of the pools, but we read after that there were likely amphibians in the other! So we will need to head back sometime in the next couple of weeks. The girls have really been enjoying taking out my old cameras and I

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We were also treated to a glorious rendition of ‘Let it Go’ in the woods, it was very, very serious and strangely like whale music when the youngest one joined in too. Somehow each time we go to a new place it has a completely different feeling to the last. Although it’s small Moorcroft Woods is incredibly peaceful, we listening to the birds and the cracking of the branches underfoot and went home for some cheesecake content and exhausted from our woodsy exploration.

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