Know Your Worth (Or What Your Rent Costs)

In the blogging bubble there are a lot of people who believe that if one person takes Β£10 for a piece of work*, it devalues them by default. It’s a strange one really. If you were in an office, it would be doubtful you’d know what someone else was paid. Many jobs do have a standard starting hourly wage, but that is just the starting block – you have zero idea what they have negotiated outside of that.Bloggers, and sometimes myself, often feel entitled to know what other people have charged for a piece of work. The truth is, that is just greed.I WANT WHAT THEY GOT. I DESERVE THAT TOO! IT IS WHATS FAIR. (you probably don’t, nor do I)It’s not about getting what is fair. Fair would be great if we are going to produce exactly the same word count, content and quality – then sure getting paid the same might make a bit of sense.Last I checked, if the content is too similar people start screenshotting and asking for opinions ‘Is it just me or‘…You can’t have it all ways. (probably is you, there are very, very few original ideas now).And, let’s be clear when I charge Β£150 for a post that someone else is getting Β£300 for I couldn’t give less of a fuck if I tried. Why? WHY? Well, they might have bigger bills, they could be massively in debt, their blog posts and social might take them longer. I have 0% fucking knowledge of why they charged that and how they use it. And, I just don’t care. I haven’t devalued them or myself by charging what I need or want in my working life.What I do have knowledge of is how much my own rent is, what is in my freezer and what bills I am looking forward to seeing next month – and those things have got exactly squat-fucking-didly-do to do with your either. Oddly enough.This isn’t even about transparency either, if you want to start posting your month earnings then do so. This is about some bloggers not knowing what to charge for something. Well, sit down and work it out, very often people ask for ballparks in facebook groups. Honestly though? Come up with a pricing structure you’re happy with and use that as your starting point, rather than just trying to squeeze what you can out of a brand. Do I believe in charging what you’re worth? Fo’ fucking sure. Do I believe all bloggers should be paid the same? Absofuckinglutely not.We are all guilty of overcharging, undercharging, making up a cost on the spot. Hell, I have a group of friends, and we ask who got paid what, but we also know in the group the DA ranges massively, the traffic, the social and the quality to be fucking frank with you.*This is where I tell you I write for a few different places, and you’ll be happy/disgusted to know that SO MANY MORE BLOGGERS than you’d even dream of are happily accepting copy & paste pieces and they just stealth that piece and go about their merry day (while saying they never, ever would).Ideally, we should stop commenting on what other people charge, or earn. Realistically it’s none of your (or my) fucking business. What we should all be talking about is how great it is, no matter what your circumstances, you can start a wee blog and make some money at all.Β 

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