Me and Mr are swapping roles!

For the next four days anyway…

Mr will be in the house with the girls, parenting alone. I will be in the town centre with a few other lovely ladies showing off some of our talents. In my case less a talent and more that something I enjoy and might be a little bit good at.

 I will be out from 7am and home around 7pm. I will miss the girls, I will miss everything. From messy lunch to the over tired, upset moaning at 5.30pm. I will miss the sticky hands stroking my face, the farty dog and I will miss being in my pyjamas till 3pm (on a good day). He will have to negotiate the times where Ivy may want the breast. Breasts which are still attached to me. She usually has two big feeds at 4am and 6am followed by a 2pm suckle to sleep and then a big one around 7pm.
I’m nervous for him. He’s never had all the girls for more than one day. He is capable, but I’m not sure he realises how busy the day really is. Even if we are just in the house. I think it will be an interesting experiment and I have very faith that come Saturday evening he will be happy I’m back in the house all day again. He will have to try and stick to the routine of the house because all of them are used to it, he will have to remember to make sure they drink the right amount of water, eat the right amount of right, don’t bribe them with biscuits and nap times are used for hoovering. And remember to feed the dog.
As for me, while I may be missing the girls I’m going to enjoy the relaxing hum of the city, the mid morning hot chocolates from Costa (Black Forest hot chocolate is win), reading my book while I have no customers and I’m going to adore getting to close the door while I have a wee.
The above picture is not an example of my photography, it’s a flower drawn by my toddler – same skill levels.


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