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When you’re trying to balance being a parent, working from home, school meetings, school runs, work meetings and being a person sometimes you need a little help. For years now I have been open to making sure that rather than be stretched too thinly and no one getting the best of me, I hire help when I need it.


Childcare, cleaners, freelance virtual assistants to help me cover all bases.

I have been working at home for the last ten years. I have always written in one capacity or another, and over the last few years I have taken on more exciting projects, stuff that I needed time to dedicate to. Face-to-face meetings, evenings events, open days, book launches. And, all of that good stuff comes at a price. I need to have someone around that I can trust to watch the kids, or somewhere they can go when school and nursery are over. The obvious choice is – it is the UK’s largest childcare website and has over 1 million users.

Finding a childminder or a babysitter is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done for the girls (and probably best for all of us too). My husband works full time and due to client meetings, travel and other commitments he can’t always take time off. I registered on the site initially to have a browse and settle on a few options that I thought would work best for us.

Something that helped us a lot, was that as we were filling in our profile and requirements, it was narrowing down what we wanted, and so not only could we find what we were looking for better, but they could find us too. In fact, within minutes we had a DBS checked, first aid trained, Ofsted registered childminder get in touch with us – which was brilliant.

For us, hiring this way has helped us master our work-life balance.

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