Manners & Me.

I’m not a stickler for manners, I just really (REALLY) like them. I get all red and flustered if Eldest forgets her ‘Please’ or ‘Thank-you’. But I can’t stop there, I can’t – my brain won’t let me.

  • Crossing on the stairs, be polite and blumin wait
  • Eating before everyone is at the table 
  • Taking the first piece of cake for yourself
  • Washing your hands before eating
  • Having to ask twice ‘Who is calling please?’ – I really hate that one.
  • Letters from people you’ve never met that start ‘Dear Lorna/Betty/Louise’ – If we haven’t met previously, my name is Mrs. Mojo, thank you very much.

I have however noticed a new thing lately, I am not sure how or why I noticed it but I really do it.

These have all been said while angry.

  1. Eat your dinner please!
  2. Mind your business, thank you very much!
  3. I will have less of that back chat thanks!
  4. Mr. M – will you please fuck off.

  Now, I would love to know why it is that during a time where the very bones of me a rattling with anger (points 1,4 and 5) I still manage to fit in a polite bit. I find this really odd because lately I am meeting more and more children in varying ages who apparently don’t know what a ‘please’ or a ‘thank you’ are. There is nothing at all more satisfying sometimes than getting a ‘thank-you’. You get a little glow of pride for doing something that was worth being thanked for.
So why the fark do some children seem to not have or use the simplest most effective way to show gratitude. It is easy enough to blame the parents, but the chances are just like me and thee, these parents have also sat for hours going –

‘And what do we saaaaaay Ermintrude? P..P..Puuuhhh…Puullll, Puuurrrrlllleeeeee’
‘PERLICE’ – Confused smile from confused child.

‘No we say Puuuurrrlleeeeaassseeeeeeee,’ by this time we are over parenting. Over enunciating every word, and playing the brilliant parent role to absolutely no one, because no one is there you fucking muppet. 

If you’d like to see my example of ‘Thhhhh (while spit is leaping off a desperate parental tongue, you’ll have to wait till I feeling a bit more ranty.)

The children of these/we/me/you/us/united parents just choose to forget sometimes, they choose to drop the glorious ‘Thank-You’ or ‘Please’ for no reason that I can fathom.

I say we rise up!! RISE UP!!! And fight for these simple words. We might not be able to give our children giant bank accounts, huge houses, safety and comfort for their whole lives.

 But what we can give them, what we can instill in our beautiful children is that a ‘Please’ or a ‘Thank-You’, will cost nothing to say and it might just change someones day. Also just bloody do it.

Let me just do something nice here for you dear reader. It doesn’t happen often. I’m gonna do it anyway….


5 thoughts on “Manners & Me.

  1. This made me chuckle. I feel passionate about manners too. I have 3 young daughters (8months, 2 &3) and I am quite hard on them already… Not the baby obviously!! I think it is so important as people will judge them on their character and manners and if you are poilte and have good manners you are on the right road. Happy New Year

  2. Made me laugh and so true! My kids aren’t bad, but do forget sometimes and I remind them. Have to bite my tongue so I don’t remind their friends or kids at school when I’m helping out.

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