Make the Most of the Summer Weather

While there are plenty of people complaining about the unseasonably warm weather, others are basking in the glow. The longer days are ideal for planning some seriously fun days. The summer holidays seem to come with a lot of pressure to make them unforgettable. But, most of the time, kids remember things like blowing bubbles in the garden tent. Meals that were scrapped together. Late night movies and random trips and days out. So, here are a few simple suggestions.

Make the Most of the Summer Weather



The first thing on my list is always eating outdoors. I don’t really care if we head to a vast open field, or sit in the garden as the sun goes down. There is something so relaxing about eating grapes, cheese, and bread out in the open. The kids running back and forth in your eye line. The thick warm air… it is all very delicious.

Next is a splash pad or water park. We are lucky to have one extremely close to where we live. When the mood takes us, we can pack a beach towel or 5 and go. The trick here is to arrive early, get the shady spot under the tree, and taken enough change for a bag of chip shop chips.

Booking an experience day. At the moment, you can pretty much guarantee the gorgeous weather. ¬†Head over to Track Days and scope out some excellent days. From driving a Ferrari to a hot air balloon ride – basically blissful. This one also works as a great gift, if driving or flying high on a balmy day just isn’t for you.

DO NOTHING. This one might not seem like it lends to the title. However, the utter bliss of doing nothing on a summers day is fantastic. Put on something loose and floaty. Get a book. Set the kiddos up with bubbles or a treasure hunt and luxuriate in the doing nothing.

Take a drive to the beach. Pack a bag the evening before, and surprise everyone in the morning. Get up bright and early and have a day of sandy toes. Achievable on the train or coach too! Check My Nearest Beach for help.




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