How to Make the Perfect Homemade Ice Cream

How to Make the Perfect Homemade Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of life’s most simple yet wonderful pleasures. Everyone loves ice cream, yet few of us seem to have an interest in actually making it for ourselves, despite how easy it is to do. There are numerous advantages to homemade ice cream and you have complete control over taste and texture.

Making simple vanilla ice cream will show you just how easy it is and once you have the basics down, you can begin to experiment with different ingredients and techniques until you find the perfect combination for you.

In this article we take a look at some of the top tips to making the best homemade ice cream you’ve ever tasted. It will make an excellent treat for you and your family.

Making Ice Cream with An Egg Custard Base

This is the classic method for producing ice cream and is the best start point for those who are new to the world of homemade ice cream. This method uses egg yolks as a means of both thickening the ice cream and giving it a richer taste and creamier texture

By adding more egg yolks, you can produce a richer and creamier ice cream, whereas using less yolks will make for a milkier and lighter product. The best thing to do is to simply experiment and find the right number of yolks to achieve the texture you’re going for.

Preventing Curdled Eggs

Eggs offer many benefits over alternatives for making ice cream, but some caution does need to be exercised. When heating the eggs, milk and sugar, it is easy to overheat slightly, and this can result in eggs curdling. There are however, a few things you can do to prevent this. The most effective method is to warm the milk separately and then add a small amount of hot milk to the mixture of eggs and sugar. By doing this you will warm the eggs gently and make them less likely to curdle.

Churn Then Freeze

Churning is the first stage of the freezing process for ice cream, it breaks up crystals of ice which would otherwise give the final product a gritty texture, as well as aerating the ice cream. If you don’t churn, then you will end up with a solid lump.

Most ice cream makers, such as the Vonshef ice cream machine, have a setting specifically for churning. You should churn until the ice cream has a soft consistency, you can then either serve it as is or you can freeze it to harden it slightly.

Adding Flavour

Once you have your technique for making vanilla ice cream down you can then experiment with adding or changing the flavour. You can purchase small bottles of flavourings to add specific flavours and you can also add in chunks of fruit, chocolate, or indeed anything else that you might want in your ice cream.

Making ice cream is much easier than many people realise and for those with a genuine love of and passion for ice cream this is the best way to experience it. You have complete control over the taste and texture and can therefore customise the whole experience to suit your individual tastes.

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