Make Your Outdoor Space Child Friendly In 3 Parent Friendly Steps

Not all parents have a lot of outdoor space to call their own. But even a modicum of garden can be a hazard for the kids. Don’t be put off by it though. After all, fresh air and activity outdoors are really important for their health and for yours. That doesn’t mean you need to spend all your energy preparing the garden for parent-and-child fun. All you need is a little creativity and these 3 steps to see you enjoying your outdoor space at last:

Clear out

This might be the biggest part of the job. Strip everything bare and start again. Sounds easy? It can be back breaking to dig out shrubs and remove old lawns and paving slabs. You might recruit some help from friends, or even hire a landscaper to help you here. It will be worth it in the end though. You might even be quite surprised about how much space is there.

Of course, you might simply save the back-breaking bits, and tidy up what is there instead. You can powerwash old paving slabs and paths to make them look new again. As for the grass and weeds? If you can get rid of it, do. There are easier ways to enjoy a green garden.

On the ground

If you hate mowing, don’t give up on having a green garden. Instead, take a look at things like the LazyLawn artificial grass. Once it’s down, it looks even better than the real thing. There are no weeds, no mud, and no worms to worry about! Instead, you have a great surface to play on, lay on, and enjoy safely with your child. Best of all, you never have to mow it!

You might also want a hard surface for your outdoor dining set. Slabs are often the easiest thing to work with if you need to DIY your patio. Some come as a pack ready for you to lay out. If the ground isn’t level, you might prefer to hire a builder or patio installer to do this work for you. It would be safer for your children too if you weren’t busy doing this yourself.



Many plants are harmful if your child consumes them. However, some plants are perfect for consuming, like fruit and vegetables! Teaching your child how to grow your own might give them a passion for it later in life. Healthy food from the garden still needs washing thoroughly, so encourage them to help you with that.

If you love the colours you can have from flowers in bloom, why not use hanging baskets and pots out of reach of curious little fingers? Roses are often the most problematic as they have thorns. Instead, plant lots of flowers that won’t prick little fingers. There are plenty to choose from. It’s lovely to have a good view from indoors as well. It’s the perfect motivation to get you both out there!

Gardening is great fun for the parents that have time to themselves to do it. But if you don’t, choose these easier solutions for an enjoyable parent-friendly garden.


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