LittleLife Ranger Toddler Carrying

Toddler carrying isn’t everyone’s bag but it’s so convenient VS pushchairs. We’re off on our holidays soon and knowing our little lady as we do we decided to go ahead a get a LittleLife Ranger. We decided that price per use, intended use and how we normally do things the LittleLife Ranger was for us.

LittleLife Ranger Review

One of the fab features on this is the adjust-ability. It has to able to fit us both in length and quickly adjust at every other point. This one has really easy straps around your waist, across your chest and the type you’d find on a rucksack shoulder strap. Quick and easy.
 The seat itself is very sturdy and is fully adjustable to make it suitable for different toddler sizes. Shaped perfectly to her body, she didn’t have her legs just hanging but more rested comfortably in the seat. It also has a patented X harness providing extra safety for the child. The gorgeous head rest has a cool pattern, which she chatted about most of the way around town.
Things to remember:
  • They are on your back, your weight will be shifted as such
  • When putting on the carrier use the anchor point
  • Facepad is removable so maybe buy a spare
  • Make sure they are secure before you lift
  • Frequently ask if they need the toilet/bum change
  • You can touch hands and feet – do so to make sure your toddler is warm and cosy
  • Adjust straps before you leave the house
  • That just like babies sometimes they might….

She was talking away one minute and then suddenly sleeping! I took a few snaps and rested her head against the cute animal headrest.

The Mr carried her for a few hours, although this one is designed for shorter trips (I went shopping and got carried away on the test drive) he said that it was really great.

Mojo loved it. She was carried for a long time as a baby and now Ivy is in a carrier she has expressed a real interest in going in one too. For a starter toddler carrier it has been brilliant. We wanted to go for a brand that we had previous experiences with (LittleLife DaySack) and trusted.

We love the LittleLife Ranger.

This isn’t a sponsored post and we picked up our LittleLife Ranger (and accessory pouch £9.99 or £8.99 with card) from Go Outdoors (£69.99 or £62.99 with card) we just love the product.


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