Little Touches To Finish Any Room

It is the little touches that you add to a room to finish the look you are going for. When we moved house, I knew that I didn’t want a lot of clutter. So we have kept it very stripped back. There are a few things that I believe finish a room properly, though, and they are simple too!

Top and Bottom

There is nothing worse than looking up into the corners of a room and noticing that you haven’t managed to finish the edges of the paint job neatly. This isn’t so much of an issue with wallpaper, but with paint, it can be really noticeable. And the the right skirting board makes so much difference. Right now, we have are dark wood and white walls, but we are planning to swap them for some more modern white skirting boards in the next few months. Those small things can make a huge difference in making the room feel complete. 


These are much about personality. The art that you put on the walls, the plants and flowers you have, and even the smaller trinkets are all speaking to who you are. I think it is important to remember that while the magazines and even Pinterest can give the impression that everything needs to match, that you yourself are eclectic, and that means you can make and break the rules. 


The lampshade and even the bulb you choose can have a significant impact on how the rooms look. Even more so in the evening. Before we moved, I was really keen on getting the industrial style bulbs with the thick filaments. In a copper tone. Currently, we have large bulbs that have the bottom dipped in copper (or silver in the kitchen). The copper tone in the evening is really relaxing. We are lucky that we have wall to wall, ceiling to floor glass in the living room, so there is no lack of natural light. 

Speaking of natural light, it’s so much softer and better for you than being under bulbs and in the dark all the time. So let as much natural light in as you can, you’ll thank yourself for it. 


Although I mentioned plants a bit in accessories, I reckon they deserve their own section. I love having plants around the house, and in the new place, we do have significantly less overall, but some of them are much larger. At the moment, I have orchids, bonsai, roses, hyacinth, amaryllis, and a huge jade plant. Plants and flowers do a few things, aside from looking pretty. Adding some color is the obvious one, but studies show they help with focus and productivity. As I work from home, I need all the help I can get! Against the white walls, they really stand out too. 


We have off-white stone flooring, which typically would be pretty cold. However, we have underfloor heating, so it actually lovely to walk on. But for when the kids are playing on the floor or to ‘finish’ the living room area, we have the IKEA LOHALS 200×300 flatwoven, natural rug. It’s not the softest rug, but it is really hard wearing and will work with any decoration we choose later. 

I’m conscious of not picking things to furnish and finish too quickly. Because you really have plenty of time to make your home something unique and special to you. We have plans for a bathroom renovation next year, and we are already looking at the type of bath we want and tiles, too – which is so much fun!

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