The Kids Actual Christmas Wish List

The girls have made their wish lists, which I then added into my Amazon Wishlist section because I can’t keep track of the bits of paper. Hopefully if you’re stuck for ideas this might help!

This year P seems to have made a jump in terms of what she is interested in, where once where ponies were Dan TDM (youtuber) now reside. I’m going to start with her list.


Poppy is a huge FNAF fan, so a tee was on her list, as well as a Dan TDM plush and tee, she also has a STEAM gift card on her list. Simple and she will be really happy with her gifts.

She has added few more practical things on her list like a 2DS charger.      
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Lily is our very own princess, so her list is long and varied – because princesses need everything don’t they? This is from the girl who asked for a coconut for her birthday. Here are just a few bits from her list. (scroll to the bottom for her ‘extraness’).

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This will likely be the first Christmas that Ivy will be able to remember, which is very cool. I love her little list, she loves music so I wasn’t surprised to see the ‘music fingy’ and catty ears headphones.

She also has a colouring book and a couple of smaller things like Shopkins.

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Finally, on the 23rd we have a pre-Christmas family gathering. My niece Ruby, Ivy, and Lily will be getting something to play with that night. I am super excited to surprise them with these.

Weirdest thing on the list?

Lily has asked for a lemon tree…


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