Jeffree Star Brush Set – Review

Even though most of what I talk about is related to the kids or home, those who know me know how much I love beauty and skincare. For some reason, I just never get around to writing about it, because I’m generally too busy with work or writing about products we’ve had for the kiddos. That and unless you have perfectly smooth skin, it’s not taken seriously.

I spend a fair amount on beauty and skincare. And, I’m not shy to go on a waitlist and wake up at midnight to make a purchase. I started with the blue eyeliner and glittery roll on sloppy lip gloss, and now I am in a position to buy almost precisely what I want. Apart from Pat Mcgrath or Natasha Denona eyeshadow palettes – cause that is blowing a fat budget.

I have been watching YouTube for years now. I’ve learned how to do a cut-crease, how to contour, and how to make a pompom from wool. I love it. And, have been watching Jeffree Star for years now too. I haven’t picked up any of his makeup, but the brushes I had to have.

I use Real Techniques, Spectrum and of course a few Beauty Blenders. Nanshy beauty blender would be my favourite if I had to choose.

Left to right: Size Queen Brush JS1, Point Blank Precision Brush JS2, Double Trouble Brush JS7, Crease Kween Brush JS5, Fly High Brush JS4, Iconic Contour Brush JS3, Rule Blender Brush JS6.

Thoughts on the Jeffree Star Brush Set –

As you can see from the photo, I have been using the brushes – a lot. They’ve also had a few cleans.

I know that there was a bit of an issue in some beauty communities because JS himself sticks to vegan and cruelty-free on his own line, but three of these brushes are real hair (the white ones). But I’d be a hypocrite to make a fuss here, I wear leather and eat chicken sometimes. Anyway – questionable lifestyle aside…

The Size Queen is my go to now. I swapped from a beauty blender to a big Artis style brush from New Look, Revolution does a similar one too – Revolution Precision Pro Brush Large Oval Face. I wasn’t sold on it initially, but I can have my foundation blended in a few minutes, and it’s even and smooth. It is densely packed, and I find myself needing a lot less foundation – which I love. 

Point Blank Precision isn’t one I grab a lot. I’m still reaching for my Spectrum brushes for a lot of light powder work. However, it’s excellent at sweeping off a bake.

Left to right: GWA Wanderlust Eyeshadow Palette, Size Queen Brush JS1, Point Blank Precision Brush JS2, Double Trouble Brush JS7, Crease Kween Brush JS5, Fly High Brush JS4, Iconic Contour Brush JS3, Rule Blender Brush JS6.

Double Trouble I love. The spoolie and super fine brush are great for brows and eyeliner. It’s a bit of a workhorse too. Would I have purchased it separately? Nope. I feel like there are plenty of cheaper alternatives. Do I use it a lot? Yes. So, I am getting the value out of it.

Crease Kween. This brush… I adore. I use this and a Spectrum MC06 – but I am reaching for this JS5 so much more. It’s soft and picks up the product so well, and works so hard to deepen your crease. I really appreciate the definition I can get with this brush.

Fly High. Great for highlighter, but so are a lot of other brushes. It is very soft, picks up a lot of product and distributes it beautifully. Its shape lends itself to being able to go from cheekbones to cupids bow without effort.

Iconic Contour. Being real with you, I don’t love it. I prefer to use the Size Queen right now. I use cream contour sticks. But in the summer I find cream too heavy, and this bad girl will be filthy with use for powders. It comes down to personal preference, I don’t want super sharp cheekbones at the moment.

Rule Blender. Fabulous brush, really soft, and does exactly what it says on the tin. I would note that this one did not maintain shape when cleaned, even when wrapped and conditioned. Which pisses me off a bit.


The price for the Jeffree Star Brush Collection of brushes and the make-up bag it comes in was £48. I love how the synthetic brushes look, and how they feel. They’re light, the brush heads are soft and wash really well. The Crease Kween is excellent, I really love the shape and definition I can get with it.

But the Rule Blender is just a bit basic and washes badly.

Separately the brushes I love would’ve cost more than the kit, so it makes the kit & bag worth having overall. I think I would’ve preferred a completely synthetic set thought. They’re great to work with and look beautiful. So for me totally worth it.


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