Ivy, Eczema, and a Bacterial Infection

I’ve spoken about Ivy having really sensitive eczema prone skin before, this year in particular has been very bad. It has taken around 3 months to clear up. This bout started off as they all do, with a small patch of raised itchy skin. Ivy then started to talk about the patches being more and more itchy.

We followed the same routine we always did, except this time it didn’t work. Both her knees broke out back and front. The back of her armpits, both wrists and inside her elbows. It is really sad to watch a 4-year-old unable to play because it splits her scabbed skin open. Just as we though we had turned a corner, we ended up in the local walk-in centre.


Ivy woke up fine, we dropped her big sister at school and came home. Just about to start her skin routine and I noticed a few small red dots. Within ten minutes there were more little red dots appearing. After a short while, while I was on the phone to 111, they began to fill with puss. 111 recommended we head straight to the Drs, unfortunately the Drs, even with an urgent referral couldn’t fit us in. So I made the decision to take her to the walk-in centre. The wait was long, and as you can see above Ivy wasn’t awake for most of it.


Diagnosis & care:

We saw two on call doctors, the first one wasn’t sure on what the rash was. She called in a specialist, who was fantastic. It turns out, he was a dermatologist. He looked over he eczema patches, he looked at her pustules and he looked over the creams and asked about the skin routine. Ivy had a bacterial infection, really common in people with eczema due to the broken skin and weeping.

In my bag I had all of the creams, lotions, bath salts and other stronger creams with me. He set us up with a new routine. It involved less harsh steroid creams, more Cetraben, and a nice strong antibiotic to help with the clear up process. We got some great advice and a prescription for everything we needed to tackle the infection.

We are a little over a month into the new routine, the antibiotics have been and gone and so has the worst of the scabs and infected spots. The right is the night we returned home from the walk-in, the left is this morning. 

The Routine:

Normal Day: Cream on thicken patched of eczema, lotion all over.

Bath Day: 10 minute warm salt bath, pat down till almost dry, slather in lotion within three minutes, then wrap the skin if needed.

The above progress has taken over a month to see results, but the difference to Ivy is huge. The dry chapped skin has been drastically improved and her skin over all is more moisturised than with the lotions we were previously advised to use. Ivy is really happy and keeps talking about how her skin doesn’t itch so much, which means she is getting a full nights sleep too.


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