I've changed, now so has my f**king blog

For a long time now I haven’t blogged anything personal, nothing too controversial and frankly nothing of any interest. Not really. Please, hear me out on this though. I was writing post upon post and saving them in my drafts, because what I had to say wasn’t always really going to be favoured by the companies that I REALLY want to work with down the road. Don’t misinterpret me here, I adore baking, stacking up the new cups we have been gifted and I really enjoy waffling on about ‘stuff’. Something that we have been incredibly fortunate with this year is working with some great companies. Better than great. At the same time I found myself biting my tongue. Not dropping the f-bomb in a post, holding back the shit (not literally may I add) on twitter and generally trying to a saintly mummy with all the white backgrounds and none of the poo on her hands.

I had begun to consider more and more what the impression others may have of my blog and I had begun to disregard what I thought of my blog. Which seems pretty fucking stupid as it’s my blog and I should be writing what I am thinking, not what I think you might want me to think and then saying that instead. IYSWIM.


So there it is. I swapped my true voice for some very, very wonderful gifts. I can’t even begin to go into the wonderful year we have had without sounding like a gushing moron and I’m trying to avoid that right now.


So I found myself sitting the other day, just thinking about life and I thought to myself that really, what I should be doing is changing my blog. Changing it to show a bit more of me. I have been blogging for almost four years now. I never particularly wanted to be one of those famous bloggers that are everywhere, win all the things and so on. I don’t mind that I don’t really fit in with any of the big cliques in the world of blogging. I am more than happy to come and talk to any old arsehole* at these events.

Which I only attend in order to pick up good information and get away from my noisy glorious kids for the day. 

So anyway, what I am saying is that I will still be throwing up competitions, reviews and sponsored stuff (if anyone can cope with me anymore) but there will probably be a bit more actual blogging going on.



*Please don’t be offended if we have rubbed shoulders and talked about metrics at any events previously, you probably aren’t an arsehole. Probably.


3 thoughts on “I've changed, now so has my f**king blog

  1. Quite a read! As you stated, it’s your blog and it should be your voice. It is very easy to swap one’s voice for gifts / benefits / rewards / status etc, but a time comes when you notice the exchange, pause, get the guts to find your full voice again, and decide to stand up and change the status quo. It seems this has happened to you. All the best as you rediscover what your blog means to you and what your voice is about through your blog. Exciting times … all the best 🙂

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