Is it too early to think about Easter?

No. No it isn’t!

The same way I was buying Christmas decorations with my Halloween items. It’s nice to plan ahead, to know where you’re going to be and when. For us we plan a long time in advance – we have children, there is no way we’d leave it till the last minute!

When we are booking for Easter Breaks 2014 we always make sure we research what is available and where. Handy list –

  • Book early – If you know where you want to go, for how long and when (with a few months to spare) you’ll probably bag a great deal. 
  • Be bendy-flexi.If you’re booking this early you have plenty of time to arrange holiday from work! Yippi for planning!
  • You might also notice a nice % discount with the early bookings. If you have the time, do the research!

Do some maths! It costs us as a a family of four (soon to be five) for a meal out around £55 pounds in somewhere like Nando’s, where there is a good all inclusive (drinks, main and pudding) kids menu. So we take £55 x 7 (normal length of stay) and get £385. We then look at all inclusive prices. Usually these work out just under what we’d have for dinner budgets alone. Self catering is great but I find a lot is spent which isn’t needed, on things like snacks at the bar, local nosh while out and about. We like a routine and saving some money, I like not having to cook but knowing that there is a meal just waiting for us. Everyone is happy.

We also check out what activities are there. Although the holiday is for the family as a whole we also want to pack as much in to it for the kids as possible – so having a list available so far in advance is brilliant.

I have vivid memories from when I was small and going to visit family in Brighton and they’d all join us in the pool at the Butlin’s hotel Saltdean (sadly closed now). It’s nice to now be in the position to give the girls those kind of lasting memories in the same brilliant family focused place that I went.

So, for a well planned family Easter Break in 2014 –

  • Book Early
  • Be flexible
  • Check out the early/online discounts
  • Plan some actives for the different age groups you have,
  • Enjoy the next few months knowing you have Easter SORTED!


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