Innotab 3S review

We love techy, multi function learning based tablets. When I say we I mean the girls (obviously)!

 This one comes with a brilliant list of functionality but one that really stands out for me is the ability to send messages to the Innotab from my phone and they can send me messages too.

Over to the bigger expert Eldest.

Q: What do you like about the Innotab 3s?

I like that it has some games, you can read stories, draw, take videos and I like the pink colour of it it. I also like that you can put apps on it. I can text my mom that is my favourite part and I like that you can send little stickers and hearts. 

 It comes with a really cool story about a dog and something called ‘My Magic Beanstalk’ – and you have to grow them and little beans come out, it’s fun.

Q: What is your favourite thing?

I would say…. the painting, no wait! I actually love the e-reader.

Q: Why that bit?

I can have some brilliant stories with me and I don’t have to carry a big bag of books anymore to take them to my Nannies – it is all in the tablet.

Q: Have you tested out the text feature? 

Yes, I love it because when I am not with you (looking at me) I can go on my Nannies internets and can send you some messages. I really think it is better than a phone too. I can also text my sister with it and we can send little pictures to each other. I like that bit of it. 

Right, so that is what the 7 year old has to say about it.

My review? 

I think it is great. For a few reasons.

Firstly I do think we are in a very tech focused world and it doesn’t do any harm to have these things involved in everyday learning. Not so that you are reliant on them, but that they add some value to what you are already doing. The feature I think is beyond brilliant is the Vtech Kid Connect – using it to connect with me/ or Mr. Here is what it looks like –

On the left is my message to Eldest and on the right is Mojo’s message to me. They can only send messages to the people who are programmed in. So if you are worried about safety there is no need, they can only contact those who have been hooked up to it. And each other! 

Like most learning tabs once it is loaded up there is probably a little too much choice for them. So have a look through the apps and maybe purchase/download one from subjects you want them to do on a more regular basis. Maybe if you think they need a helping hand in maths invest in some of the math games.

Learning through play is one of the most enjoyable experiences.

There are lots of cartridges if that is what you like – we don’t tend to buy them. You will be looking at £2.99-£4.99 for the book apps, but I will also pay a similar amount for books so I don’t mind that. The Music app has albums from most the popular groups and soloist if your little one is into that kind of thing – much like a VTech version of iTunes!

The choice of apps for learning looks like this –

Each app will have an age guide on it and a price. So you can make sure that what you are buying matches your needs.

You can also have a look and see if any of the School App Bundles will be of any use.

This is an example of what you get in the age 2-3 bundle:

  • Phonics & Letters: Al
    phabet Ocean
  • Shapes & Sizes: Puppet Tour
  • Reading: If You Can, Catch the Puppet Man
  • Numbers: Numeric Magician
  • Body Parts: Puppet Parade
  • Feelings: Mood Puppets
  • Memory: Find the Baby Chicks
  • Puzzles: Shadow Puppet Puzzle 
So for the price you do get some fun little additions. It is designed to grow with your child so once they have complete a set it is possible to upgrade them, and in our case put the ‘used’ age appropriate apps on Mojo’s Innotab when she reaches a point in time to need them. 

Would I recommend it? 

Yeah, without a doubt. It’s a nice piece of kit. I would also recommend making sure you invest in the pack that has the rechargeable battery packs. You’ll only get annoyed with replacing the batteries every few days, plugging it in is much easier. I’d also pay attention the little bag with the instructions, you will find a little string lanyard for the pen. Use it! I didn’t attach ours straight away and disaster struck. We now how one white penned Innotab and one purple penned, helpful in one was as now we can tell them apart. 

 Also I loved the review one so much that we went a picked up another the day after it arrived….

The girls are in love with their new techy toy. I’m happy in the knowledge that they get something out of it and I can keep tabs on their progress. 

If you are looking for something a little tech with a learning focus, something that allows you to chat with your little one without a mobile phone then you can pick up an Innotab 3S here at Argos!

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  1. This looks fantastic, and something I will definitely consider for Max when he is a bit bigger. Thanks for linking up with #Tried&Tested

    1. They both love theirs, I just find myself keeping watch on the clock to make sure they don’t become too attached – Like me and my iPad lol. x

  2. I love the way you’ve interviewed your chief tester! The safety elements sound great.
    Thanks for linking up this week 🙂

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